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From:     beilby@??????.??.???????.???.au
Date:     Wed, 24 Jan 1996 15:35:45 +1100 (AEDT)
Subject:  Re: An interesting island.
Hail jammers,

   Here's the basics of an island I desigend for my campaign wher Toril has
been shattered, though it doesn't assume to much from that so you can put
it anywhere.

   The only problem for most of you should be that I've used my modification
to the gravity rules.  That being the direction of gravity along the
gravity plane is towards the object.  And thus the island is surounded by
a "sea".  In a worls where gravity works as TSR desigend it to, the could
have been created by the elves magic to stop creature from the reverse side
crossing over easily.

   Hopefully you will find this interesting, and can find a use for at
least some of it.  Its rather scetchy at the moment, but I thought I'd
send it to the list and see what people think of it.

And before I include the file, a personal note.  Nial, I'm assuming my mail
messages havn't got to you for some reason.  Could you mail me again so we
can try to track down the problem.

Elventree Island

   A section of the elven court that is now a free floating island in a
torus shaped semi-air body.  A semi-air body being one with an atmosphere
to thin to support life, but just thick enough to restrict ships to
tacticle speeds.

   The island is approx 300 miles long, and 200 miles wide.  The island is
surrounded by a fresh water sea which has a radius of around 100 miles.
Most of the shoreline of the island is composed of cliffs varying in height
between 50 and 75 feet above sea level.  On the southern side of the island
is the only area where the level of the land descends to that of the sea.
The islands docks are situated here at the central edge of a cresent shaped
bay.  This area is also the only plains region of the island, and varies
from 10 to 40 miles in width and is a little over 100 mile long.
The island ranges between 150 and 500 feet in height, with the seas being
at max deepth of around 90 feet against the shore.

   The underside of the island is rocky wilderness, inhabited mostly by orcs,
along with some wild cattle, wolves, a number of large spider species, and
a few great cats.  The underside does have the full range of insects and
birds as these can fly round the seas, all others have to be imported.
There is also a juvenile green dragon who has recently taken up residense
on the underside, unknown to those topside.

   The elves on the island are primarily those who where on the island
when it was ripped from the surface of Toril during the time of troubles.
With no major contact with other elven communities, the elves have begun a
breeding program to make sure that they have a large enough population to
ensure survival.  To ensure this the clan elders have been encouraging
absorbtion of half-elves into the community, female half-elves are prefferd
as this leaves the femal full elves to bear full elven children, but male
half-elves are not turned away.  Magic has and continues to be used to
increase the fertility of the elves, and to cause the elven genes to
dominate in the childreni, resulting in the children of the third generation
being to all intent and purpose full elves..

   There are three areas on the island in which the majority of elves live,
one near the dock area, and the other two at either end of a ridge running
along the center of the island.  Though the majority of the elven population
is in these three area, the elves maintain a presence over the entire island
through dozens of small communities whose population consists of the scouts
whose current duty is patroling the area around their residences.  All elven
house are built up in the trees, with the houses being a living part of the
trees via the magical skills of a group of transmuters who call themselves
Shapers.  The outlieing elven tree houses are carfully hidden such that non
elves traveling along the forest floor have very little chance of spotting
them, even when activly looking for them.

   The Shapers have a selection of heavily guarded spells which allow them to
geneticly alter plants and animals to a significant degree.  (Shapers are NPC

   Physicaly the island has been heavily modified by the elves to increase
the defences of the island.  Natural stuctures, plants and even animals
have been modified towards this goal.  The changes inclue the following:

   The cliffs on outer edge of the island have been smoothed, with all major
ledges removed, this combined with the cliffs being damp most of the time
makes climbing them very difficult.  The elves took great pains to ensure
that the cliff faces retained a natural look, and it is not until those
wishing to climb the cliff can physicaly examine it that they realise what
has been done.

   A large number of the large trees have been shaped to provide ariel
walkways that cover the entire island.  These walkways are concealed
by a local variety of creaper that is abundent in the area.  The plants
concealing the walkways between the major communities, and the scout residences
around the perimeter of the island have been modified to emit a sleep inducing
scentr.  This sleep scent has been specificly designed to not effect elves, and
even half elves have an 80% chance of resisting the effects.  Others, or half
elves that fail their resitence chance must save vs poison or fall asleep
for d4 rounds.  Due to the constant supply of the sleep scent the victims
are constantly breathing in more, and thus wont wake up until d4 rounds after
they have been removed from proximity to the plant.

   Ground plants in the outer 100 feet against the cliffs have been modified
to make passage very difficult, and include many carniverous plants, and
screamer type funguses.

   The modified plants include, but are not limited to:
	Plants that have moveing sticky vines to entrap their prey.
	Plants whose perfumes induce fear in those breathing it in.
	   (-1 to attack and damage, -5 to moral, save vs poison to negate)
	Plants that release spoors that when breathed in iritate and inflame
	the nasil passage and lungs.

   A number of bird species have been modified to act as an early warning
system.  Most of the modified birds have only one minor modification made
to them, that being a special call added to their language, that they will
make when non-elven, or even elves who appear different (dress mostly) are
seen.  Special birds, called bond birds, have been modified much further,
making them a seperate sub-species of whatever species they were.  The
bond birds have had their inteligence increased by a substancial amount,
causeing an increase in overall size to handle the extra brain mass.

   The bond birds as their name suggests bond to a person, and gain a
telepathic link to the person allowing two way comunication over a
distance of up to 20 miles.  Bond birds are usualy between 1.5 to 2 times
the size of a normal bird of their species, have double the hit dice, and
most have at least 75% of their possible hit points, and have a vastly
increased lifespan.  Species choosen to be changed into bond birds are usualy
small to medium sized predators, though a number of the elders and other who
duties no longer take them outside the the secured sections of the island
choose more picturesque birds.

   The modifcations needed to create a bond bird from a normal species must
take place when the bird is still in the egg, and the process will take
the Shaper at least a week.  There is a 30% chance that the change has been
succesful, most unsuccesful modifications do not hatch.  The changes to the
birds will breed true in the first generation 40% of the time, and 80% of
the time from the second generation onward, and only if breading with a bird
of the same sub-species. (check individualy for each egg laid)  The bond birds
loose the ability to bread with unmodified birds of their original species.

   The tradeoffs for the increased size and intelligence is a greatly reduced
fertility.  Female birds only come into season every d4+1 years, and will
seldom lay more that 2 eggs at a time.

   The existence of the bond birds has been discovered by outsiders, but
very few have been awarded a bond bird, and those birds are always sterile.

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