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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@????.com>
Date:     Thu, 18 Jan 1996 7:59:25 EST
Subject:  Re: [none]
Lew Pulsipher wrote:
> 5.  Because (as we've seen in the few months I've been here) a back-and-forth
> discussion about rules or styles of play can descend into acrimony, I don't
> engage in discussions.  Any comments you offer will be taken into account in
> further drafts, but please don't expect a direct reply.  Thanks.
	OK, noted.  Here is a comment that you might want to include as a
caveat to the section below:
>                              Bombing
> The `jammer provides a good firing platform, but on the other hand, air
> resistance interferes with the weapon's range as compared with Wildspace.
> If you think the purpose is to make it very difficult to hit anything from a
> height--yes!  That's not only "realistic" ("to hit" chances are ridiculously
>high in Spelljammer),it fills the purpose of reducing the value of `jammers in
> atmosphere.
	I agree with this - if you are using an unmodified spelljammer.  It is
stated in the rules of SPJ that all of the ranges and THAC0s and such of the
ship weapons are the way they are because those weapons have been redesigned
to reflect the nature of Wildspace.
	Thus, if some enterprising adventurers REPLACE the standard SPJ
weapons with their groundling equivilents, much of these penalties are going to
go away.  (Certainly not all, there is still the height to factor in.)  And
you did state that an SPJ makes a fantastic firing platform.

	So, while you can't use a spelljamming vessel as an attack ship, you
most definitely can use it as a juggernaught of defenses.  Try laying seige to
a castle that has one of these platforms stored on the central roof.  Esp. if
it has been specifically designed to be a groundling weapon platform.

	Ken Lipka

Previous Message: Spelljammer website taken off line
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Month Index: January, 1996

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