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From:     beilby@??????.??.???????.???.au
Date:     Fri, 12 Jan 1996 12:10:06 +1100 (AEDT)
Subject:  Re: The Guardians
Hail Jammers,

   Heres the group called the Guardians, the ones responcible for the
Stinger fighter, and if people can remember that long ago, the Tiger Shark.

   There's no real info on the people themselves, just the groups general
structure and goals.  The idea is that since its an ex-adventuring group
you can put an old PC group of your own in control.  ie I don't have the
time to write up all 5 of the characters in detail, and some of them I
don't even have acces to the character sheets anymore anyway.

   Any comments are appreciated.

The Guardians.

   A group of ex-adventures who have taken on the task of protecting their
home land, a series of floating "islands" (each with individual air
envelopes) from pirate attacks, and an ever increasing number of hit and
run raids by goblinoid forces.

   The core of the Guardians is a group of 5 high level retired adventures,
originaly known as the Knights of Valor due to one of the members having
successfully collected all the pieces of the artifact the Arm of Valor from
Myth Dranor on Toril.  More amazing than the fact that the group managed to
collect the pices of the arm, was the fact that they managed to keep it for
almost 6 months after word got out that they had it.  After this period the
group decided to move to a location where they were a little less notorious.
(Getting invloved in a magical battle over an artifact in the middle of a city
tends to make you rather unwelcome in cities from then on.)  This lead to them
taking up spelljamming, lots of adventure, and eventually retiring to a small
group of floating islands.

   In my campain these islands are what is left of the Forgotten Realms after
a magical disaster of cataclysmic proportions, causing a reduction in
population of over 80% in some areasa  Most of this lose was people killed
as the cities they lived in collapsed around them.  The islands float
in a torus shapped region around the sun that conforms to the old orbit
of Toril.  The torus while not having enough air to be classed an air world
(there's not enough air to allow breathing), does prevent spelljamming
speeds being achived inside it.

The Guardians can easily be placed in any war torn area where some disaster,
governmental collapse or even uncontolled colonisation has resulted in
isolated groups of groundlings vunerable to attack by pirates and goblinoid

   Over the 15 years that the Guardians have been operational, their numbers
and resources have expanded to the point that they now field 5 squadrons of
Stinger fighters, along with their support ships.  Each squadron is made of of
5 flights, with a flight being a leader and wingman pair.  Which makes 50
Stingers currently active, with 6 more held as reserve to replace combat
losses.  Only one of the squadrons is composed completly of Force Helm
equiped Stingers, the other squadrons have at least 1 Officer variant assigned
to the squadron leader, and as many Ace variants as its members have earned.
When a crew earns ace statis, a new ace varient Stinger is commisioned, and
their old ship is added to the reserve list.  A crew is awarded ace statis
when they are responcible for ten kills, or the helsman achieves 10th level.
 With a kill being rendering a ship helpless without the need for a boarding
action, or fire from the support ships.  This is rare enough that the extra
cost of producing the ace variant does not cause any real problems with the
groups finances.

   In fact the biggest problem slowing down production of Stingers, is the
need to find mages or clerics of sufficient level to pilot them.  Of the
current Stinger pilots, 32 are clerics, with the majority of them being
worshipers of Tempus as they seem to relish the sensation of hurtling
through the void, spitting ballista bolts at ships more heavily armed
and armoured than them.  The use of missile weapons in ship to ship
combat is considered by the tempites to be perfectly acceptable, unlike
missile combat in ground based combet.  The wand used in ace class
Stingers piloted by clerics are special version attuned to that particluar
cleric, allowing them to use it as if they where a mage.

   Of the 5 squadrons, 1 is always stationed at the Guradians home base,
along with 2 battle ready squid ships.  2 sqaudrons are broken up into
flights, and sent on patrols of the surounding area.  Each of the patroling
Stingers has a magical communication device allowing them to sound an alarm,
this alarm gives the duty mage at the Guardian's base enough information
to locate them using one of the two crystal balls (with comunication
ability) permanently installed at the duty station.  The remaining 2
squadrons are on reserve unless a special mission is taking place.
The five squadrons are rotated between each job on a weekly basis, on the
following schedule, 1 week patroling, 1 week on base guard duty, another
week of patroling, and then two weeks on reserve.  The reserve time is taken
up with equipment maintenance, the occasional special mission, and leave time,
at least one of the 2 squadrons will be on the base at all times.

   Other ships in the Guardians forces include:

	A squid ship used as a postal ship, landing at each inhabited
	islands within the Guardian's sphere of influence an overage once
	a week.  The ship carries mail, supplies, and passengers between
	the islands, helping to reduce the isolation felt by the populus.
        This ship is powered by a major tacticle helm,and carries a
	complement of 10 marines to repel attacks.  One of the patrol flights
	acts as an escort.  The helmsmen of the squid and singers are always
	at least 8th level, and usualy higher.

	3 Hammer ships used as support ships for the Stingers when responding
	to major threats.  All three have been modified for combat by adding
	2 medium ballistas in protected turrets amidship.  These ships carry
	squads of soldiers to act as boarding parties.

	1 Stinger Carrier (capacity 20 stingers).  The plans for which will
	be available later.  A second carrier is under construction in the
	construction yard/dry dock at the Guardians base, and at the current
	rate will take another 4 months to complete.  (1 month if the
	construction crew was brought up tp full strength.)

	Various other ships that for one reason or another were not sold off,
	most of which rest in a ship junkyard to be used for spare parts,
	including 3 Scorpion ships, one of which has been restored by
	scavenging from the other two.  The Scorpion was restored secretly
	to allow it to be used as an infiltration vessel if needed.

   The Guardians support structure includes a groundling dwarven clan who had
their ore shipments raided by by pirates and gobiloid forces one to many times.
The dwarves ships use non-magic engines, and are used to transport ores
mined from rock islands, back to their home island for processing.  In
return for selling refined metals to the Guardians at a discount rate, the
guardians provide them with Stinger escorts for their shipping, and regular
patrols over the islands in the region where the dwarves are active.

   A number of the local comunities on small islands provid support to the
Guardians in the form of food supplies.  Larger communities on some of the
bigger land masses provided support in terms of groups of hichly trained
soldiers which when used in boarding actions entitle the comunity from which
they came, first option to buy the captured ship at well below maket value
(assuming it is not wanted by the Guardians to replace a destroyed ship).
This practice has lead to a number of the larger communities having one or
two spelljamming vessels of their own.  Though the Guardians make sure that
the leaders of these communities know that any use of these ships against
other communities will invoke the displeasure of the Guardians.  At this
stage, that seems to be more than enough to keep them in line, with the
ships being dedicated to defence of the city/island.  Having some of the
communities being able to defend themselves to a limited degree, and the
gradual increase in their ships numbers has allowed the Guardians expand the
area in which they operate to emcompas 15 inhabited islands within a 140 mile
radius of their home base.  This number only includes islands where civilian
populations exist, not military outposts, mining operations, or the numerous
islands which have been stocked with game species to produce extra food.

   The Guradians on occasion will provide escort vessels for short periods
of time, if the money offered is high enough (25,000gp for even a minimal
escort), and the people and ships being escorted meet the Guradians
standards.  (Good alignment, mission will be benificial to the local
communities, etc)

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