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From:     beilby@??????.???.??.au
Date:     Tue, 2 Jan 1996 19:05:19 +1100 (AEDT)
Subject:  Re: Ship Design Questions.
Hail Jammer,

   I'm in the process of creating a new spelljammer to form the basis of a
small worlds navel forces and have a couple of questions to put to the

   First is to do with ship tonnage.  Does there exist somewhere a decent
method for calculating a ships tonnage.  I've never been able to figure out
how at least half of the ships provided in the boxed set and the lost ships
accessory where calculated.  Some appear to have been calculated as just
keel * beam * height, while others I can't get anywhere near no matter what
I do.  :(

   The second question has to do with hull points.  The ship I'm in the
process of creating is shaped basicly like a discuss with a diameter of
20 feet, and a height of 5 feet at the center.  At the center the
thickness of the hull is over 6 inches, dropping to about 2 inches at the
outer edge.  From the design and materials used in the construction I've
decided to give it an AR of 2.  But even being very generous with the tonnage
and saying its a 3 ton ship means that a single hit from a medium catapult or
ballista can take it out, and the medium catapult on average will only have
to fire 4 shots to guarantee a hit.  And a heavy ballista will automaticly
destroy the craft, and with a THAC0 of 12 will hit AR 2 50% of the time.

   After all that, the question is what do people think about increasing
the hull points of a craft based on the thickness of its armour, and/or its

   I'll post the ship later on in the week if people want it, it includes a
new type of helm designed for craft of under 5 tons, and a couple of new
weapon systems designed for fighter craft.  The deck plans will be in the form
of a gif.

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