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From:     Nathan Caroland <nathanc@??????.com>
Date:     Fri, 22 Dec 1995 08:26:30 +0800
Subject:  Re: Old Tavern Tales - Plug - Plug - Plug
               O L D   T A V E R N   T A L E S   P L U G

   The night comes upon you swiftly as you walk towards your destination,
   the Dungeons of Kergoth. As you continue past the farms where hard
   faced men stare and brutal sounding dogs bark, you see a tavern up
   ahead, the lights casting gloom to the surronding tree's. "Aye this
   is the place" you say to yourself. Six more hours from here to the
   Dungeon's. With a proud swagger you enter the tavern.

   Entering, you see that the tavern is well stocked with patrons, all
   sitting around swilling ale and passing stories amoungst themselves.
   The tavern is well kept, with blackwood tables and chairs and a large
   blazing hearth, large enough to roast a whole Ox. Hustling between
   tables you see several wenches severing, one smiles at you as
   she saunter's by. Behind the black bar is a large man, a thread
   bare vest upon his frame, his arms and chest bare, showing many
   puckered scars. One such scar runs the side of his face, his grizzled
   salt and pepperd beard bare where the scar runs. You see a wry smile
   cross the mans features as he suddenly booms in a deafining voice
   "AhaA, seems we have another adventure, and a young one at that!"
   Looking, you see all looking at you, some moodily stare, others
   laugh and offer up a smile and raise their tankerds to you in silent
   salute. "To the Dungeon's are ye?", at your hesitent nod he bellows
   again "Well then, come and have a drink. The first is upon the house".
   With that he reaches under the bar and brings up a foaming tankerd.
   Smiling you walk forward and place yourself at the bar, sipping at
   the heedy brew, idly wondering about the barkeep and his scars.
   With a start you notice that he is looking at you "I see your
   instrested in these here scars are ye?" not waiting for an answer
   he pulls back his vest and you see that his torso is litteraly
   traced with scars. "Each is a story and all of em I got in those
   dammed Dungeon's of Kergoth. Believe me, their stories that you
   do not want to experience for yourself" at that you firm your
   chin while you put your hand upon your weapon "I can take care
   of myself". With that the man begins laughing "Aye maybe ye can
   then! I myself was about your age when I made my first run into
   those dungeons, maybe you will live if you keep your thoughts in
   place and your arm strong. Well then since your so bent on going
   you might be wantin to take a look at me books before ye go eh?
   They tells ya of all sorts of things, from magic to creatures
   and all of it good to know about iffin you run into to something
   in their ... and ye will". As if seeing your thought he adds
   "Now I got this scar here" at that he points at a puckered red
   scar that travels his chest "gettin out with these books. It'll
   cost ye 5 silver to have a look at em." With that he smiles,
   "After all this really did hurt ...."

   Welcome to Old Tavern Tales. How many of you DM's have tried
   to run a game where the players kept spoutin out that this
   creature could do this and that magic item could do that and
   basicly spoil your whole setup? Im sure most of you that are
   reading this have had that done to you in one way or another
   and needless to say it is a most annoying habbit. Unfortunatly
   I myself used to be on of those rabid gamers who knew everything
   about everybody and could recite the books back to you word
   for word and such on, needless to say my old GM had to come
   up with new ways to get around my unearthly knowledge of the
   game and its make up. Since then the games have been great,
   the general make up confusing since EVERYTHING began to change
   and I couldn't sit there and know exactly what it was with the
   first word out of his mouth.

   Since then I have began creating new creatures, items and
   overall plots that I thought others would enjoy also. Thus
   'Old Tavern Tales' came into existance and I have been
   working on trying to make FRPG's intresting again. I have
   had help from others also who believe their ideas will
   be for the enjoyment for all. Anyhow I babble ...

   If you would be interested in joining 'Old Tavern Tales'
   please contact me. Any submissions would be greatfull
   (Creatures, Magic, Dungeons, Art, Music, etc....) and all
   works recieve there due credit. Come'on! Make your RPG a
   bit more interesting!

                                                Nathan Lee Caroland

 - Nathan Caroland
 - nathanc@??????.com

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