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From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Wed, 20 Dec 1995 23:09:03 -0500
Subject:  Re: Astrogation in the Flow..
>        I didn't say this in my original post, but I was thinking on
>making the rivers be a "deeper" or "darker" color.  Then again, I was
>also thinking of having sail area be a measure of how fast these
>rivers can push you.  For instance, an elven manowar would go faster
>than say, a vipership.  I know that this isn't what TSR said, but I
>kinda like that idea.  You could maybe divide the sail area by the mass
>to get a speed multiplier.  Then you could have "Flowrunners", ships with
>*HUGE* sails, but a really bad MC.  They could act something like the
>jumpships from Battletech.  They could carry smaller vessels between
>spheres really fast, but are to big to fit through a portal (sail area
>of several miles^2).
>        Any comments?
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Interesting idea,  I'd love to see the mechanics on that.
BTW,  here's the stats on the first of my unique ships and crews.  I can't
get the &*^% maps to translate,  and no one else seems to be having any
luck with it either.  In a few days I'll send the a couple more unique
ships out.  Anyone interested in the maps who uses a macintosh and
Clarisworks 3.1 e-mail me and I'll send them to you.

Elrohir Amroth

by Paul Westermeyer (westermeyer.3@???.edu), on 95/11/25

High Elven Male
Thief (13)
Captain of the Good Ship Hanali's Sword

STR 18, DEX 18, CON 9, INT 17, WIS 11, CHA 14(18), COM , PER

AC 0, hp 56, MV 12, MR as Elf

AL CNg, Age 139, Height 5'9", Weight 150 lbs

Skin light skin tone, Hair Silver, Beard none

Eyes Steel Blue, Vision 60' infravision, Wealth appox. 40,000 gp (in
standard gp value)

A handsome, swashbuckling elf. He is always impeccably dressed in the
latest fashions.


Proficiencies:Longsword, Bola, Dagger, Broadsword
Two weapon style specialization (From CFHB)
Bladesong style specialist, Broadsword (From CEHB)

Non-Weapons Proficiencies

Riding,Horse(14); Riding,Hippogriff(9); Swimming(9); Appraising(17);
Disguise(13); Jumping(18); Trailing(18); Information Gathering(17);
Tumbling(18); Gaming(14); Reads/writes/speaks Common,Elvish; Speaks Drow

Spell casting

Read Magicuser Scroll 25% failure

Special abilities

All standard High Elven Racial abilities
Thief Abilities:
PickPockets 95%
Open Locks 95%
F/R Traps 95%
Move Silently95%
Hide/Shadows 95%
Detect Noise 50%
Climb Walls 95%
Read Lang 70%
BackStab +4/x4


Hanali's Sword, Modified Small Galleon
AR: 7 Hull points: 23 MC:C SR: Per mage +2 or 4 (Furnace Helm)
Landing:Land:No Water:Yes
Helm: Minor, backup Furnace Cargo Capapcity: 7 spatial tons Keel 90' Beam
26'Draft 8'
Save as:Thick Wood Special:Charm v/s Fire(+1 on saves, fires sputter and
die in 1 rd)
Ship's Boat w/ Rudder of Propulsion, Ship is topped out with rigging,
including a pair of fold out sail "wings" the move horizontilly out from
the deck in flight and fold against the ships hull when not in use.
Weapons: 2 md Ballistas Crew:8/22

Personal Equipment:
8 Throwing stars, 4 Bolas, Folding Shortbow, 20 silver arrows, 4 daggers,
thieves tools, spyglass, 50'silk rope, House breakers Harness,
grappling hook, clawed gloves, flask whiskey, flask vineger, flint & steel,
whetstone, dice&pouch

Wealth:3 gold rings (20, 40, 80gp value respectively), Mithral Longsword of
Quality (+1), smith unknown, Human make (3000gp value), Dracul Nagem
(King's Tear, see FRA, over 1 mil gp in value), Bedine Amulet of Atar
(40gp), Diamond (10.00 gp), Adamintine Statue of Drow female (sculpter
unknown, 2000 gp value)
Golden Rose of The Pale (3,000 gp value), Katana of the Nakimura Clan of Wa
(200gp value or Death from Nakimura clan member), 13 other art works (total
value 1000 gp, no single item over 150 gp in value)

Magical Items

4 x +1 Daggers, +2 Leather Armor, Necklass of Adaption, Boots of Speed,
Girdle of Cloud Giant Strength, Chalice of Everfull Water, Albruin (+1/+3
Broadsword see The Magister or Ruins of Zhentil Keep for Details), Ring of
Feather Falling, Potions: Vitality, Water Breathing, Philter of Love,
Nolzer's Marvelous Pigments; Scrolls: Detect Magic x31, Knock x3, Dispel
Magic, Wizard Lock x2, Light x4 (each scroll holds one spell, all written
by an 11th level wizard)

Notes and History

Elrohir Amroth is and adventuresome elf who was born in the town of
Highfolk on the same world as the famed City of Greyhawk. The son of minor
nobles, he was exiled from the city when not yet 100 years old for a crime
he refuses to discuss. His twin brother, Elladan, a mage, followed him. The
pair soon found themselves among the scum and mercanaries of the famed Wild
Coast. Here the brothers made a name for themselves as daring burglers who
choose gem merchants as their target of choice. Eventually they formed an
uneasy alliance with a pair of Half-ogre brothers which ended in a cursed
mansion near Waterdeep. As the result of the unfortunate events within that
mansion Elladan sprouted a pair of functional white wings. He also lost his
appetite for adventure and returned to Highfolk. Elrohir continued his
thieving activities, and his feud with the two Half-ogre brothers. He
recruited two new partners in crime, a gomish thief illusionist named
Blinggood and a Hafling thief named Sam Lightfingers.

These three became so infameous throughout the Wild Coast that a change of
location was necassary. Using the loot from their burgleries they purchased
a small merchant ship and began a career of smuggling and piracy throughout
the Azure Sea and its tributaries. These raids culminated in the burglery
of the mansion of the Sea Prince of Jetsam Island (Elrohir also managed to
cuckold the unfortunate Prince). After this they were transportted through
a gate, ship and all, into a world with superior technology and weapons.
They lost their own ship but managed to steal a vessel armed with many
large fire throwers. Upon returning to the Flanaess they were immediately
attacked by ships of the Sea Prince (more angry at his cuckolding then at
the burglery). These ships were easily defeatted but Elrohir and his crew
were outraged at the condition of their Amedian slave rowers. Elrohir
recruited a crew of Amedians to fully man his fleet and began a privete war
against the Hold of the Sea Princes which ended in a fiery battle with
fully half of the Sea Princes' fleet. Only Elrohir survived the battle,
washing unconcious ashore on the coast of the Amedio Jungle. He made it
back to Greyhawk City with the aid of a Ring of Three Wishes discovered in
a forgotten, jungle covered ruin. The first wish he used for
transportation, second two to bring Sam and Blinggood back from the dead.
Closer than ever the three returned to their criminal ways, but donated
most of their earnings to Greyhawk orphanages. The sole surviving Half-ogre
brother, Abdul the Butcher, finally tracked Elrohir down and began a war of
assination and counter assination attempts that finally found Elrohir and
his two companions fleeing over thirty ogres through the wilds of the Suss
forest in 575 CY. There they stepped through a gate into the Forgotten

The trio adventured for 3 years in the Realms, discovered the existance of
Spelljamming, and purchased a small galleon they modified into Hanali's
Sword. They then began a career of tracking down works of art, both magical
and simply magnificent throughout the known Spheres. Sam Lightfingers was
killed in a street skirmish in Arabel, Cormyr. Despite their best efforts
Blinggood and Elrohir were unable to raise him. In 582 CY Elrohir's brother
Elladan was killed by a demon of Iuz during the Greyhawk Wars. Elrohir is
unaware of this, should he discover it he will undoubtably begin a campaign
of revenge against Iuz's forces.

His vessel is most often found in Waterdeep, the Rock of Bral, or Greyhawk
City. Elrohir is a member of the Master Mariner's Guild of Waterdeep and
the Merchants' and Traders' Union of Greyhawk. He also has ties to the
Harpers and the Knights of Luna. His overriding passion (at least until he
learns of his twin's death) is the recovery and collection of works of art.
He ship is crewed by 8-15 adventurers of various races, classes, and
alignments. Blinggood (N gm M(I)/Th 5/5) acts as First Mate, Navigator, and
chief helmsmen. Elrohir often hires midlevel adventurers to act as agents
in his search for works of art.

Anyone with questions or comments on Elrohir, Blinggod, or their ship
please E-mail me at westermeyer.3@???.edu

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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