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From:     Gavin Bartell <gavin.bartell@???.???.au>
Date:     Thu, 14 Dec 1995 10:32:27 +1100
Subject:  Re: Spelljammer Section of the Net.TSR.Product.Guide
Hello All,

I am the current maintainer of the Net.TSR.Product.Guide, which is an
ongoing project on the net which aims to detail as many of the D&D and AD&D
products produced by TSR as possible.  At the moment, the Spelljammer
portion of the guide is lacking any information on the Spelljammer
adventures, so I was hoping to get some submissions for the Spelljammer
products from the members of this list.  Below is a list of the products
that I have no info on, plus a template for submissions.

Please reply direct to me (gavin.bartell@???.???.au) and not the list.

Thanks in advance


Products without descriptions

SJA1: Wildspace
SJA2: Skulls & Crossbows
SJA3: Crystal Spheres
SJA4: Under the Dark Fist
SJS1: Goblin's Return
SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy

Template and Example

Code and Title:
TSR No.:
What you get:
New spells:
New magical items:
New creatures:
Contributed by:

AD&D Adventures in Space
    TSR No.: 1049
    Status: Just out of print
    Setting: AD&D 2nd Edition, Spelljammer
    Characters: Any
    Design: Jeff Grubb
    Year: 1989
    Price: $18.00
    What you get: Two 96 page books, 24 information cards, a hex grid poster, a
    Spelljammer map/poster, a Rock of Bral map/poster, a Planetary Display Map
    and 24 plastic counter stands.
    Summary: This boxed set contains two books, The Concordance of Arcane Space,
    and The Lorebook   of the Void. The first details rules in space, the ships
    of wildspace, movement and combat in space, and celestial mechanics. The
    second depicts campaigns in space, spelljammers, spacefarers, and the known
    spheres. Also included in this set are 20 cardsheets of the deck plans of
    common ships, and 4 cardsheets of stand-up markers for playing out tactical
    battle and encounters in space. There are also 4 maps of planetary orbits,
    the Spelljammer itself, an asteroid city (the Rock of Bral), and a tactical
    grid for space battles.
    New spells: Locate Portal (W2), Chill Fire (W3), Enhance Rating (W3), Create
    Portal (W5), Enhance Maneuverability (W5), Create Minor Helm (W6), Create
    Major Helm (W7), Create Air (P1), Contact  Home Power (P2), Detect Powers
    (P2), Softwood (P4), Create Minor Helm (P5)
    New magical items: None
    New creatures: The Arcane, Beholder (Beholder, Orbus, Hive Mother), Dracon,
    Radiant (Celestial) Dragon, Elmarin, Ephemeral, Giff, Kindori (Space Whale),
    Krajen (Immature, Adult), Neogi (Neogi, Grand Old Master), Scavver (Gray,
    Brown, Night, Void).
    Contributed by: Steven M. Latour (latourst@???.edu)

           gavin.bartell@???.???.au            *  Gavin J. Bartell
---------------------------------------------- *  c/- JCSMR
    Ash nazg durbatuluk, Ash nazg gimbatul,    *  PO Box 334
Ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul *  Canberra, ACT, 2601
---------------------------------------------- *  Australia

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