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From:     Michael Reilly <wicket@???.??.????.???.au>
Date:     Sat, 9 Dec 1995 17:08:48 +1000 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Ewok Character Race
Here is a new character race, Ewoks from Star Wars. I forgot to mention
the Ewoks in a previous message. Also, to the people making the SJ Net.Book,
(Joseph Du Bois), should I send both the Jedi Knight kit and Ewok race
straight to you to put in, or can you get it out of the two messages?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons	Character Race	Ewoks

The ewok race developed from their ancestors, the bears, on the planet of
Endor, and as a direct result of Endor's climate, their size reduced from a
large size down to a small size. They have high natural agility and dexterity
due to their planet being covered in forests, in which they live in the trees
in huts.

Requirements of Race :

Strength	  5/17
Dexterity        10/20
Constitution	  3/18
Intelligence	  3/16
Wisdom            3/18
Charisma	  7/19

Racial Ability Adjustments :

Dex      +2
Charisma +1
Str      -1
Int      -1
Con      -1

Ewoks can become fighters, rangers, clerics, forest druids, and
thieves. They can also become fighter/druids, fighter/clerics,
fighter/thieves, cleric/thieves, cleric/rangers, ranger/druids,
ranger/thieves, druid/thieves. They are limited to 17th level for fighters,
15th for thieves, 6th for clerics and unlimited for druids and rangers.

Ewok villages are built in the treetops of Endor and interconnected by wooden
bridges. Because of the location, and the need to visit the ground at various
times, all non-thief Ewoks gain 50% climb walls skill. Due to their dexterity,
they have also been able to gain 30% hide in shadows and 30% move silently.
The fauna of Endor is not exactly friendly with the ewoks and over centuries,
their eyes have adjusted to giving infravision for 60'. Also, all ewoks are
able to use spears, slings and slingshots despite class. All ewok warriors
must devote 1 weapon pro to spear and 1 to sling, slingshot or shortbow.
Multi-class ewok warriors may specialise in spear, sling, slingshot or
shortbow only.

Since the introduction of spelljamming into Endor by the Arcane, some Ewok
pioneers have set out on hired spelljammers to start colonies. Upto date, two
major colonies have been established and many small ones are growing in size
and frequency. One of the major colonies is located in the forest around Myth
Drannor on Toril and the other is located on Sancrist Isle on Krynn.

Thief Skill Adjustments :

PP : -10			OL : -5				F/RT : +5
MS : +10			HIS : +5			DN : 0
CW : + 15			RL : -10

Michael Reilly
Student at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

E-Mail : zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au
"I still think diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' while
finding a rock"

Commander Riker quoting Will Rogers, ST : TNG Novel "Exiles"

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