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From:     Michael Reilly <wicket@???.??.????.???.au>
Date:     Sat, 9 Dec 1995 16:48:15 +1000 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Jedi Knight Class and Light Sabre stats
Below is a Jedi Knight class I developed based on the Jedi Knights from
Star Wars. I will be developiny a very large crystal sphere soon that
will contain the Star Wars Universe (hence the size), possibly called

Jedi Knight Class
- developed by Michael Reilly
        (wicket@???.??.????.???.au or zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au)

Description : The Jedi Knight kit is based on the Jedi Knights from the Star
Wars Trilogy. The Jedis are elite warriors who have psionic abilities due to
the Force, a mystical thing that binds the universe together, that is stronger
in the Jedi's. To become a Jedi Knight, you must either be a multi-class
Warrior/Psionicist or become a warrior and dual-class to a Psionicist when
become 2nd level if human.

Also, a Jedi Knight must have at least the following :

Str 13
Con 11
Int 12
Wis 15

Secondary Skills : Any.

Exp. Table is same as mage table
HD = d10

Pro's -
        Same weapon pro's as warrior, except gets specialisation in light
        sabre and gets only two non-weapon pro's. Can only specialise in
        light sabre. Get Weaponsmithing of Light Sabres +4 for free, but
        only they can be made if don't choose it.

Special Abilities :
        - can sense life or undead 10*level/day (takes 1 round)
                - sensing for other Jedi's does not count as part of this
                  and can be done automatically (picks up any above 0-level)
        - by 5th level, a Jedi Knight's mastery of the Force gives him the
          ability to sense any suprise attacks or spells

Special Hindrances :
	- The first discipline chosen by a Jedi Knight must be Psychokinetic
          or Telepathy
        - must start as either good or evil and lawful or neutral
        - cannot chose psychoportive sciences or devotions
        - when near Ysalamiri(see below), Jedi Knights cannot use psionics
          (10 feet radius cumulative per Ysalamiri within dampening range)
	- do not gain fighter followers at 9th level
	- Jedi knights recieve -3 reaction rolls with outlaws and the underworld
        - Limited to chainmail armour
        - can use all psionics in any armour upto and including chainmail,
                however following Power Score penalties :
           Leather, Padded, Studded, Hide = 0
           Brigandine, Ring, Scale = -1
           Chainmail = -2
            (due to this, most Jedi's wear leather, hide, studded or padded)

Ysalamiri : These are normal tree snakes (use normal Snake stats) from
the planet Myrkr that have the benefit of creating bubbles where the
Force has been pushed back. They have a cumulative effect. This bubling
limits any psionic activity, including that by psionicists and wild talents.
They are non-poisionous and very friendly. Many smugglers during the
height of the Jedi Knight order fled to Myrkr.

New Jedi Weapon -

              Cost    Weight     Size   Type   SF   Damage -  S/M          L
Light Sabre    NA     1.5 lb      M      S/P   3             2d4+1      2d6+1

- causes blue flashes when hits wood or any non-organic materials which cannot
      be seen when darkness spells active (flashes cause no damage)
- flashes do not ignite flammable gases ie. phologistion
- light sabre does not ignite flammable gases ie. phologistion, but does cause
      a crackle
- only Jedi Knights can be specialised in Light Sabres and make them, but
      anyone can be proficient or use one
    - can be made by any Jedi for 30 x (plus +1) gold pieces
      (similar to 2-hand sword for weaponsmithing time to build)

- can harm creatures needing +3 weapons or below if plus is less then 3
- slashing or piercing damage
- maximum magic plus for building Light sabres= (level / 3)  (rounded up)
- those who do not know of Jedi Knights or light sabers must succeed on an Int
      check or don't know its a weapon, until seen it used
- the maker can always sense where it is, if he concentrates for 1 round and
      it is in the same crystal sphere, or same plane
- can be made as Average, Fine or Exceptional quality but no lower

Notes :

A PC may choose to start as good (light side) or evil (dark side). Cannot
start as neutral.

Evil Jedi Knights get 4 extra PSP's per level after first, but
must roll on following table each time go up :

d8              Penalty

1               None
2               -1 Cha (strange black patches appear)
3               -1 Dex (develops bad nerves and rheumatism)
4               -1 Con (body becomes weaker)
5               -1 Str (muscles lose ability)
6               -1 Str, -1 Dex
7               +1 damage from all bludgeoning weapons, -1 Cha
8               -2 Cha (skin wrinkles and eyes become fiery red), -2 Dex
                (rheumatism), +3 damage from all bludgeoning weapons
                (bruise easily)

If decide to try and change back to light side, roll Wisdom check at a
-2 penalty/level of being on the dark side. Follow this with a save vs.
spell as a warrior only (not best of psionicist and warrior). This save will
be penalised by -1 /level of Jedi. The reason for this is that it is easier
to turn back while low in power. After 5 levels on dark side, becomes impossible to change back to the light
side and gain ability to cause Shocking Grasp at 3 feet, 3 times per day
Each level after, damage increases by 1d4 (ie 6 levels gives 1d8+1d4) instead
of 1 per level increase and range increase by 1 foot
(this simulates Emperor's attack of Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi)

Below is the data on Jedi Knights as created on Pg 22-23 of original AD&D
2nd edition DMG  :
Race : Human                            0
Combat Value : Warrior                  2
Saves : Best of Psionc + Warrior        0
HD/level : 1d10                         2.5
Armour : Limited AC                     -.5
Weapons : All                           0
HP after 9th : +2                       1

Init Pro Slot : 4+3= 7 + 1 Bonus        2
Fig Str                                 1
Psionics                                5
Magic Items as Warrior                  1
Never suprised                          1
Life sense (can sense life at will)     1

Restrictions :
        Must be lawful or neutral      -1
        Has ethos                      -1
        No more then 6 magic items     -1
        Ability delayed               -.5
           (Not suprised until 5th)

Adds upto                             12.5
Because of that, the XP table is the same as for a mage

Michael Reilly
Student at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

E-Mail : zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au
"I still think diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' while
finding a rock"

Commander Riker quoting Will Rogers, ST : TNG Novel "Exiles"

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