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Month Index: December, 1995

From:     "Joseph DuBois \(x44303\)" <gemjmd@??????.?????.com>
Date:     Thu, 7 Dec 1995 11:13:54 -0500
Subject:  Re: New Ship
Ho There!

   In our campaign we use to have a viper ship, but lost that to
the neogi. In the process we were able to commadeer one of their
mindspiders and flee the battle while they continued to attack
our defenseless viper. Since then we have been stopped by every
border patrol and almost every other ship, they thinking we were
neogi. So finally we decided to make several modifications to
our ship.

    We removed the frontal grappling legs since we had never
used them and added a set (3 on each side) to the bottom just
below the second deck. We also removed the signal tower on top
and added a protected dual medium ballista on a turret in its
place with a hatch to the primary deck. We also had all the
hatches made air tight such that we could land in water. The
result was a ship that could land on either water/land and had
extra fire power in any direction, and mostly it doesn't look as
much like a neogi ship. Total cost of improvements ran about

Ship Name:          Water Spider
Tonage/HullPoints:  40
Landing Land:       Yes
Landing Water:      Yes(can actually submerge)
MC:                 C/B
    (Removing the frontal legs and adding webbing to the side legs
     [acting like wings] we recieved an extra MC +1)
Crew:               4/40
Armor Rating:       4
  2 Medium Catapaults (firing Rear)
  1 Forward Piercing Ram
  1 Rear Piercing Ram
  1 Dual Ballista Mounted on a Turret

Special Notes:
  -The legs wrap around the hull for Spelljamming speeds while they
   extend outwards during Combat for extra MC. They also extend down
   to allow the ship to land on land. Though they are pretty much
   useless for grappling.
  -Hull has been made air tight to allow for submerging in water
   though the legs have to be wrapped giving a MC of C.

I will be making a graphic to go along with this soon.

Joseph DuBois

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Month Index: December, 1995

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