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Month Index: November, 1995

From:     Leroy Van Camp III <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Tue, 21 Nov 1995 13:48:30 -0800 (PST)
Subject:  Re: nonmagical helms

On Tue, 21 Nov 1995 sm6439@??????.??????.edu wrote:

> > Has anyone worked out how these work
> > and if they are useable on other vessels?
>      Every now and then, very vague mentions are made of smokepowder
> rockets. Personally, I think that's ridiculuous, and don't use
> non-magical helms, and won't until somebody comes up with a feasible
> system. I mean, can you imagine the size of the solid booster
> smokepowder rocket needed to put a flitter in space and allow it to flit
> around from ship to ship? And since a flitter is just a wood structure, how
> the heck does it handle the acceleration stresses?

    Call me a poor reader if ya' like, but I don't think I have ever seen
a real description of a non-magical helm.  This has always bugged me; I
didn't know if it was just me missing something, or TSR writers dodging
the issue.
    I decided long ago that the idea was just plain silly.  I couldn't
imagine a truly effective means of non-magical propulsion through space.  So,
I created a version of the helm that doesn't have full spelljamming
capability, just tactical speeds.  Most ships that are designed to be carried
on/in another ship use them, such as flitters and goblin arrows.  This puts
such ships in a role similar to TIE Fighters from Star Wars.
    This isn't suprising since I have moved to give small fighters a bigger
role in my Spelljamming campaigns.  I always liked the image of Star Wars
space battles.  It does make things a bit more complicated, though.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
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Previous Message: Re: nonmagical helms
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Month Index: November, 1995

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