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From:     "Marco Camacho E." <macamach@???????.???.??.cr>
Date:     Mon, 13 Nov 1995 13:40:27 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Monsters
} There are some very short, tuxedo-wearing guys with funny noses
} who would like to have a discussion with you about racial superiority.

 Is that right? Throw them in =)

BTW now that I am on the subject of monsters I've made some thinking about
the punches and str adjustements and such since I've carried the
conversation on with Thomas out of the list to keep all you guys from
hearing what you probably don't care to hear about.

I have thought that one of the possible theories is that like with all other
stuff TSR has done it leaves room for the famous DM's choice.  So basically
I believe it is up to the DM to figure if he/she has the time to calculate
the STR of a creature and how this affects the creature.  In my theory all
creatures tiny through gargantuan can apply their STR adjustments to their
attacks, however there are two factors to consider, the two extremes, a tiny
creature, in most cases won't be very strong, and might even have negatives
in their STR adjustments, and then gargantuan creatures might have a too
large adjustment which added to their already powerful punch... and
considering that there are some creatures which say that only certain amount
may be added to the damage, I really can't remember a monster to reference
to, but I know they are some, where it says strength bonuses may be added to
the damage caused by the creature's attacks, but they limit the adjustment,
so you can't add something like a +6, I remember a case where the limit was
Then the theory must expand to cover another aspect, which attacks does the
adjustment apply to?  Well I think this certainly depends of the nature of
the attack and the nature of the creature.  Say something like a human can
add his damage to punches and kicks but not to bites, for it is not the
natural attack of a human to bite, if you look at a dog he could add the STR
adjustment (whatever that may be) to the bite, but probably not to the paws,
and then say something like an Aarakocra could add the bonus to the bite,
for the pecking comes as a very natural attack/move for the creature, and
also to the claws which also are a natural means of defense.

This is the way I have thought of it, and I'd like to see what you guys
think about, cos if this sounds good we must consider the effects of say more
complicated stuff like, the antennae of those elf-insects, Insectare, or the
multiple scaple-fingered arms of say the Xixchil.

In truth its a very open area and its intended to be so, so that DMs can do
what they think works for them, their players, and the campaign.

Well in all of this battle talk I have been constantly thinking about the
Scro which I believe are the best warriors in the whole meaning of the word.
Has anyone developed any interesting weapons or info about the Scro, perhaps
some variant scro from some sphere far away, or a distant planet, or
whatever, I have the idea that in the cloakmaster cycle they show us a
variant race of something, and I am almost sure its Scro and not goblins or


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Month Index: November, 1995

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