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From:     "Marco Camacho E." <macamach@???????.???.??.cr>
Date:     Sun, 12 Nov 1995 16:30:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Monsters
} >Yes, but human punches only do 1d3 and only 1/4 of it is real. That's
} >generally the guideline I use to determine whether or not to include Str
} >bonuses.
} About this "1/4 not real damage" argument...  Remember, the 3/4
} damage that is temporary is not removed until long after the combat
} finishes, so for all intensive purposes, that damage is real.. When

 Precisely.  Once the character reaches 0hp even though maybe 6hp are
temporary damage, he falls unconcious, not dead, just unconcious, so then
all you have to do is slam that sword into his throat, and what is it when
someone is lyning on the floor, +4 tohit right, but then again its automatic
hit when the character is totally immobilised, so called shot to sever the
head from the body. The guy is dead.

 For this simple reason I have made a small simple system:

The character receives damage from a punch or such, so lets say that was a
4hp punch, he receives all 4, however 3 are temporary, these 3 points will
be recovered 4 rounds later, modified by CON:

CON Score  Modifier
   16         -1
   17         -2
   18         -3
   19+        -4

 For creatures with CON 19+ the damage is not recovered instantly, rather at
the end of the round.
 It might seem to be a pain to keep track of the rounds and hp to be
recovered and all, but if its your skin on the line you give it a try!

} I take this a step further in my games, my monsters get spells,
} proficiencies, specialist mages, weapon specialization.. I give
} my monsters EVERYTHING that a PC would get..  The books never

 Thats the way it has to be in challenging campaigns, which I belive are the
ones I & my players most enjoy.

 Then about humans... they are simply humans, they are all a hell of a lot
of them, but they have really no great abilities to compare with other
races, say dwarves, they have infravision, great ability with stone and
the underground, elves, have infra, great ability with bows, live much much
longer, gnomes, well, in my campaign they are pretty much useless, however
they are famous for their silly gadgets and great business insistency
spirit.  All in all I don't know what could possibly make a human superior
than another member of another race, the only good thing they have is
dual-class, but then again the other races have multi-classing, which is in
my opinion better, why take 1 and then the other when you take them both at
the same time and enjoy the benefits of both at the same time, instead of
that silly lvl thingy on the dualclassing... humans are not superior, they
might be superior to Dohwar, then again, think twice...


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