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From:     Zvi Strasberg <zvis@??.org>
Date:     Sun, 12 Nov 1995 16:16:48 -0500
Subject:  Re: Tanget from Bionoids discussion
At 11:07 PM 11/10/95 GMT, Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:

>>> Because the rules state that most creature don't get their
>>> Strength bonus with natural weapons. Not rules lawyering,
>>> just consistancy.

>> Consistent for monsters, yes.  Consistent across the board, no.
>> For if you look under the punching and wrestling rules, PCs are
>> allowed to add their strength bonuses to their punch damage. And
>> punches are natural weapons for humans and their ilk.  So why
>> not the monsters?
>> Thus, the monsters should have STR bonus with natural weapons.

>Yes, but human punches only do 1d3 and only 1/4 of it is real. That's
>generally the guideline I use to determine whether or not to include Str

About this "1/4 not real damage" argument...  Remember, the 3/4
damage that is temporary is not removed until long after the combat
finishes, so for all intensive purposes, that damage is real.. When
the character hits 0, he's just easy to kill.  One good slit, and
bye, bye...

Bullywugs do a d2 for their punches, Aarakocra with their claws only
do a d3, Kenku do a d4 with their sharp claws.. All these monsters
attack with a claw attack, or punch attack similar to humans in
damage. I see no reason to justify that these monsters should not
get their damage bonus added to their attack.  You need look no
further, than the basic Troll.  They do 5-12 HP damage when they
claw, yet it says when they actually resort to weapons, they fight
with a +5 bonus.  Obviously, they are assuming a certain value of
Str, somewhere around the 90% area...

When you argue this, you have to consider that there is no method
given for rolling Strength for monsters, or any ability while I'm
on the subject  Disregarding the fact that this is a major downfall,
the stats for the monsters were probably generated using avg.
values. For example, a Bullywug can be a PC race according to the
Humanoids Handbook (*).  Their damage is no higher than
what it was in the Monstrous Compendium (*) stats, yet can anyone
tell me why they cannot get strength bonus??  While you are at
it, consider that same Bullywug against a bunch of his peers..
Are you honestly going to tell me that his peers *CANNOT* get
benefits for having 18/00 and he can???

I take this a step further in my games, my monsters get spells,
proficiencies, specialist mages, weapon specialization.. I give
my monsters EVERYTHING that a PC would get..  The books never
said that humans were superior to the other races, there were
just hordes of them.. (& then they made up a whole bunch of
rules which made no logical sense, except to explain why
there were hordes of them, but I have digressed....)

(*) A trademark of someone, usually TSR

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Month Index: November, 1995

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