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From:     "Marco Camacho E." <macamach@???????.???.??.cr>
Date:     Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:48:45 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Bionoids
Woa!  Take a rest pal.  You insist on the original question, which leads to
why we reply, we want to help out, but you seem to have taken this
personally, its like you're in battle mode just like a bionoid... so I'll
join you in your game.  So those listemembers who really don't want to hear
about it, just hit 'd' now.

} >Also, BIG difference between a bionoid and the symbiont-host guy...
} >"...always led by the individual who started the unit, either the original
} >bionoid or its full-blooded descendants.  Bionoid symbionts are welcome to
} >join the unit, but must vow to avoid (and avoid infecting)..."
} And the original question was about a character finding a blank egg and what
} happened on bonding. Which is what was trying to address.

 Geez Mr, and just what does the bonding mean... I'll give you a hint, it
doesn't mean the char becomes a giant purple lizard.

} > Actually it states the alignment changes as soon as the host merges with
} >the symbiont, and will remain NG thereafter.

 Thats not control of alignment as you express below, thats a _change_ of

} Well, that's control of alignment, isn't it?

} > Perhaps it *could* be allowed for bionoids to cast always that they can
} >manage the components.

 This is if you analyse it an opinion, my opinion.

} You said that it couldn't be done. I said that I *thought* it could and that
} *I* allowed it.

 Well good for you.

} you made more than one statement saying that
} "this is how things are" and with little or no reasons given frequently.

 Oh, so what is this a murder trial? *I* have been the one to fundament my
replies with the actual text, it has been you who gives little reasons and
just guesses from stuff you saw in a movie and not in the AD&D SpellJammer

} There *is* a difference.

 You bet there is.

} > This could actually be used as a way to ensure that
} >the host has the health to support the symbiont and stuff like that, so
} >maybe the host has some ability requirements to meet... meaning not everyone
} >is a potential host.
} It certainly could be, if a DM wished, but it probably won't come up often
} enough to matter.

 Indeed as the creature has a very rare frequency and finding an egg would
be even more rare, however as you said previously, the matter in question
here is related to a character which has found a blank egg, and hence my
above criterium if the DM wishes so should be applied first to determine if
there should be any effect.

} Facts and opinions based on them. And frankly I think a cow weighs much more
} than the 480 lbs listed as the max press for an 18/00, so I doubt one could
} be lifted much less flung.

 Well I'm no farmer but I do happen to know that there are two types of cows,
BTW this is totally out of subject and I don't understand why our friend
here makes an issue about it, nonetheless... one cow is fed and bred to be
eaten the other is worked for the milk, and it so happens that they weigh
differently, and it woudln't be at all hard to find a cow under 480lbs.

} Armor class -3 from "chitinous plates and agility" There are one or two other
} places where their great agility is mentioned. Most ther insect races have a
} much worse AC, so I assumed, by extrapolation, a high dex. At 25 gives a -6
} to AC, which makes for a chition based AC of 3.

 It so results that the MC states most clearly "they are tall, muscular
creatures with irridescent exoskeletons" just how soft do you expect their
exoskeleton to be?  Now dex might be high but 25... that would mean they
have a +5 in their missile attack adjustment, wouldn't they make use of such
an attribute if they had dex 25?  Wouldn't they have at least a secondary
missile weapon like the thri-kreens...?

} 12th level and specialization gives 2/1 attacks and lack of specialization

 Right, the category for fighters with specialization encompasses all levels
from 7 to 12, and obviously you decided to pick 12 the last level with 2/1
atcks/round to defend a case which has no gorunds.

} gives 3/2, and a move 4 times normal for most humanoids of their height,

 Oh thats new!  This I've Never heard about, how does specializing in a
weapon increase the movement rate of a character?

} Because the rules state that most creature don't get their Strength bonus
} with natural weapons. Not rules lawyering, just consistancy.

 Thats true to man size and smaller, the bionoid is larger than man size.

} I've always assumed that to be their unarmed thaco. It's a lot harder to lose
} natural weapons than it is to lose artifical ones.

 What can I say, thats a good point, thanx for the advice.  Of course I
guess most DMs use that to not stop and calculate the strength of the
creature and if he is proficient or not and such... but its a good point if
one is going to take the time to make all the calculations.

} You asked why they should all be identical, I gave a reason they might be
} (several, actually), and that I *thought* that it was a fair assumtion that
} *at this point in time* they probably were.

 Well you know what thought did...

} A set of inner membranes lining that section of plates that are high
} explosive when exposed to each other and air? That's what the entry says. And
} goes so far as to wound the creature when used.

 Just how deep below the skin do you think all the vital stuff is in a
human, should it be that different in a humanoid?  I like your creativity,
but the book indiactes the bionoid's weak point is the crystal eye and if
the "two highly charged membranes" where to be exposed to air, say by an
opponent driving a spear into the bionoid's chest plates, that pretty much
would do it for the bugger, especially is the explosion doesn't find a way
out and the bionoid must sustain all the damage.  Then again if you insist
they must touch this might not work as a fatal strategy, and unfortunately
the entry does _not_ say they react when exposed to each other.

} I have no idea what you're refering to and I went thru today's trash file
} trying to figure it out. It may have been something I said yesterday.

 I believe it was, it came up at the start of the discussion, I don't know,
it sounded pretty powerful, I bought it though considering the power of the

} It might have been when I said the change was triggered by a reflex to
} danger. The change, not an extra attack. If the symbiont detects danger it
[more deleted]
  No, I mean that about the auto-recursive atk, nothing to do with the

} And elfs made Living ships, Bionoids, Spirit warriors (2 types) and
} Inscetares (which were failures of a sort).

 Well I mentioned the marauders, I'm sure the orcs made more stuff, I just
can't remember today, I had a lot of work to do today...

} Which was more powerful depends
} on the overall goal. The elves did win, after all.;-)

 Well... but there is alot of people against the orcs and not that many in
favour of them, however I would dare to belive the elves wanted the total
extermination of the orc race, and that goal was not achieved, anyway the
good guys always win in the big wars and movies. =)

  BTW not to arise any battle-mode agresiveness or anything, but did you
happen to notice that bionoids have an intelligence of 8-16, if we say thats
the symbiont's then
1. In combat form a mage bionoid would have limited ability if his own INT
is higher, this loss of INT might be a reflection of the missing knowledge.

2. What happens when the symbiont leaves the body "becoming a separate,
nymph bionoid"?


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