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From:     "Thomas O. Magann Jr." <tomjr@???.com>
Date:     Thu,  9 Nov 95 10:43:34 PST
Subject:  Re: Binoids
> I'm not exactly sure how an egg can turn you into a bionoid, last thing I
>remember about them is that they are Mighty Morphin Power Half-Elves!  I
>thought the only way to reproduce the race was between them, I can't
>remember if they lay eggs, I guess they do if you found an egg, but surely
>you don't have that for breakfast and your genes get all messed up and
>become a mutant like them...
> Perhaps you meant you are so awe inspired by the race you want to flush
>your 13/11 T/M char and start anew with a bionoid.

Reread the Monster description. A banlk egg has a trigger button that causes
it to bond to someone, usually human, elf or halfelf. Just like in the movie,
but more discriminating.

>} >that I believe the creature is based on called the 'Guyver'.
> You bet they based him on that movie, if I'm not wrong there is a part two
>to that film too.

2 live action movies and several antimated ones from Japan.

> The fact that the monster has 12HD assumes that the average bionoid is a
>12th level fighter/monster, so if you have 53hp, IMO you should stay 53hp.
>Then about the polymorph, I do believe it restores some hitpoints, but not
>over the maximum.

That's *if* you consider it a polymorpg. No mention of healing is made in the
Monster description.

>} >   -Is it a magical change or is it natural (this would come
>} >    into effect with dispel magics and anti magic areas/sargaussos)
>} I treat it as natural, but I've seen the movies.
> Its natural, the bionoid monster remember, is the mutant side of a poor
>half-elf used for experimenting, his genes got all screwed up to produce a
>mega incredible highly powerful, agile, and fast war-weapon.  His change
>comes to him as a natural change in his new mutant state.

No. The bionoid is a symbiont, and is refered to as such in the Monster
description. As the half elf, or whatever, is refered to as the host. The
genes of the host haven't been altered, and his change comes as a response by
the symbiont to precieved danger.

>} >4] Would I be able to cast magic while in the new form(with
>} >   a little practice)
>} I've allowed it.
> Well here I disagree, for I believe all bionoids are warriors and warriors
>don't cast spells... The monster is intended to be a war-machine, a weapon,
>a warrior.

But the host is still humanoid and in control of the body, if not *which*
body. Same number of limbs, fingers etc. The creature might have a problem
with verbal components, but shouldn't with the others. The Novels mention a
few with spellcasting ability, but they never use these abilities in Monster
form. Of course, given the combat abilities of a Bionoid, why would they?

> I would like to state that the monsters in the compendium are average
>"samples" of the race in question and the DM can modify them for good or bad
>to give the campaign more life and colour, and he is suggested to do so.
>Its like saying just cos the dwarf in the compendium has uhm.. 4HD? then all
>dwarves have 4HD, thats ridiculous, so same goes for abilities like STR &
>DEX, if you are planning on mutating or something weird (maybe you can put
>the egg in one telepod and you sit naked in the other telepod and try not to
>become the fly...), then your abilities should be modified to reflect this,
>perhaps a +4 to STR, a +6 to DEX and stuff like that...
>} The above Str replaces any original Str th character may have had, even if
>} higher. (Dex as well, but there is no higher dex)
> See what I mean, this should never be.

The stats refer to the stats of the symbiont not the host. So why make the
stats based on the hosts stats? there a different creatures stats. Girdles of
Giant strength replace strength, not add to it. The situation is the same

Thank You For Your Time,

Thomas O Magann Jr

<tomjr@???.com> or my back-up: <TMagann@???.com>

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