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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@????.com>
Date:     Thu, 9 Nov 95 8:13:13 EST
Subject:  Re: Binoids
Scooby asked:
> Questions about a Binoid.
> 1] How to implement the difference in HD/Hit points
>    -I have 53hp
>    -I believe the Binoid is 12HD
>    -How do I regain hitpoints
>       =Do I gain some back at change time(like polymorph self spell)
	You do not change Hit Die.  The Bionoids of the book are that Hit Die
based on training, upbringing, etc.  If your character becomes one on his own,
he does not have any of these benefits, so he would have the same HP as he
does normally.
	While it doesn't state that any HP are healed in the transformation,
I would rule it to be the same as the druidic SHAPECHANGE ability (10-60%).

> 2] Change to attack form
>    -Can it be controled by me, or only when I get mad
>    -Is it a magical change or is it natural (this would come
>     into effect with dispel magics and anti magic areas/sargaussos)
>    -Is it a morphing change
>      =what happens to cloths/items
	If the change to become a Bionoid was voluntary, I'd say that the
ability to change to "battle form" would be voluntary as well.  (Although I
do have an NPC that is "cursed" to be a Bionoid - Inredible Hulk Syndrome.)
	As for the others, see above.  Treat it as a druidic SHAPECHANGE -
thus limited items change with you and I don't think it could be dispelled.

> 3] It states that there is a vorpal attack. What attack mode
>    is this? Claws or Arm Blades or Kicks?
	It is not clear, but I've always ruled that it is any attack they make.
This is due to the fact that it does state that all attacks are made with
various claws and blades.

> 4] Would I be able to cast magic while in the new form(with
>    a little practice)
	No.  You wouldn't be able to handle the spell components all that well.
Besides, how much more power do you need?  A low negative AC, six vorpal
attacks per round, an ugly THAC0, built-in retributive strike.  Leave "sick
and wrong" enough alone.

> 5] How far can I jump (30'?)
	How far can the Bionoid jump?  Since your form would be the same as
the "standard" you could perform as well as the standard.

> 6] Would I be naturally proficient with their pole arm?
	Naturally - no.  You would have train just like anyone else.  As I
stated in the first answer I had, the Bionoids being shock troops had some
training to get to the stats in the MC.  Thus, they learned the pole arm as
WP just any other fighter would have to.  And so would you.

	I always view monsters as having "training" to get to their stats in
the MC (barring a magically created one).  This represents their lifestyle
and other such things that had to occur before the monster met the party.
Thus, to be really honest, your character should also have to train and
practice to even get the six attacks.  Just because you are essentially
polymorphed into a creature, that doesn't mean you become it immediately
(regardless of whatever the spell descriptions say).  IT just wouldn't make
sense, that's all.  (Yeah, yeah.  Since when does TSR make sense?  I just like
my fantasy to be internally consistent.)

	Ken Lipka

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