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From:     "Thomas O. Magann Jr." <tomjr@???.com>
Date:     Wed,  8 Nov 95 17:51:51 PST
Subject:  Re: Binoids
>   In a campaign I am currently in, we have come across a
>binoid egg(not the eye) and my character is thinking about
>using it to become a binoid. He has met 2 of them and thinks
>highly of them, my GM and I are trying to think of ways to
>implement this as a PC. NOTE: This is a mid to high level
>campaign. The main characters are 15th Mage, 15th level priest
>a 14th level fighter and me a 13th/11th Thief/mage. Also
>if any of you are interested in the binoid, there is a movie
>that I believe the creature is based on called the 'Guyver'.

I had to address this a while ago. below are the answers I came up with:

>1] How to implement the difference in HD/Hit points
>   -I have 53hp
>   -I believe the Binoid is 12HD
>   -How do I regain hitpoints
>      =Do I gain some back at change time(like polymorph self spell)

I let the PC use his own HD and HTK, which means I treat the monsters as 12th
level fighters. i used this to help figure the other modifications.

>2] Change to attack form
>   -Can it be controled by me, or only when I get mad

In the next to last paragragh of the listing it says "when danger threatens",
although a successful Meditaion prof check will allow some control
(triggering fight-or-flight symptoms)

>   -Is it a magical change or is it natural (this would come
>    into effect with dispel magics and anti magic areas/sargaussos)

I treat it as natural, but I've seen the movies.

>   -Is it a morphing change
>     =what happens to cloths/items

Covered in the same paragragh as above. they're shredded. (most magical
clothing, boots, etc have some size change ability)

>3] It states that there is a vorpal attack. What attack mode
>   is this? Claws or Arm Blades or Kicks?

I can't find the description, but based on the movie, it would be the Forearm

>4] Would I be able to cast magic while in the new form(with
>   a little practice)

I've allowed it.

>5] How far can I jump (30'?)

Sounds good.

>6] Would I be naturally proficient with their pole arm?

Only if expertise with the Braod category of Polearms is possessed. I treat
the weapon as Identical to the Thri-keen weapon.

>If you have any ideas or other thoughts please let me know.

Based on AC, move, and number of attacks, I consider the form to have:
Str: 18/00 (str bonus +6 mentioned)
Dex: 25
The permanent effects of Haste (without aging)

The above Str replaces any original Str th character may have had, even if
higher. (Dex as well, but there is no higher dex)

It works, but you may want something different (or simpler).

As a side note, The Crystal Eye gives some immunity to Polymorphs. I had a
PC, ppolyed to dwarf from 1/2 elf, who monstered out. The eye reverted him to
the form it had memorized on bonding. 1/2elf. That was based on the effects
of trying to bond with a previously bonded Eye.

Thank You For Your Time,

Thomas O Magann Jr

<tomjr@???.com> or my back-up: <TMagann@???.com>

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