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From:     Jan Korpelainen <jkorpela@??.???????.fi>
Date:     Wed, 18 Oct 1995 10:07:42 +0200 (EET)
Subject:  Re: Bombing
>      One of two reasons for Spelljammer's downfall, it seems to me, is that
>      there's nothing to prevent someone who obtains a jammer from becoming
>      very powerful on "earth".  What ground-based military can withstand a
>      flying ship that can drop bombs (rocks) at will, with impunity?  Water
>      navies wouldn't have a chance.  Cities would pay ransom.  Who'd bother
>      with Wildspace?
Granted, this is a problem of some kind. Though there are ways to go
around this, at least to some extent (have had this kind of incidents few
times in the campaigns I have been running).
1) In cities/navies that have magic available, the spelljammers better be
damn careful, fire for one is still damn dangerouns thing (hehe, ever
seen 12 mages shoot a fireball to a single ship :)
2) When 1) is not a reasonable option (hey, not every place HAS mages
available), I actually have had players to bully/conquer towns/cities,
whatever. However, let them have the place for a while, there is Bound to
be some kind of rebellion, uprising whatever; hopefully one lead by a
smart person. If they ever capture a spelljamming ship on the ground,
there goes the air superiority Fast... Of course, this might change the
world quite a bit on the long run, but it can still be fun, *grin*

>      I recently devised a rule addition limiting maneuverability of jammers
>      that goes a long way to preventing this.  But I wonder what other
>      people have done.
I got to think about this, the spelljamming ships are still damn fast
in the atmosphere (was it move 24 per SR?)
>      (The other reason for SJ's downfall is very inconsistent editing of
>      modules and rules by TSR.  When the modules break the rules, what's a
>      player/referee to do?)

>      Lew Pulsipher

Jan Korpelainen
Department of Statistics
University of Joensuu, Finland

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