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From:     "Joseph DuBois \(x44303\)" <gemjmd@??????.?????.com>
Date:     Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:17:47 -0400
Subject:  Re: Mystara and Spheres
Sorry for late responses, but I was away for the weekend.

   I think that alot of the problems with Mystara and the spheres
could be solved by modifiy why we are trying to integrate the material.

> 1) A technological space ship punched it's way through from another
> dimension and crashed landed on Mystara, leading to significant changes in
> the world.

  With the new Chronomancer hand book, this can be an easy one to modify
to fit into the world. A ship from a far distant future(could even be
from another sphere). The world would have to be a techno world, thus
saying its in the future. The portal (black hole) they went through
was just some void(wild space) phenonima(sp) or a magical gate created by
their engine?

> 2) After the war with the Fire Wizards, the Alphatian Air Wizards left
> their destroyed homeworld and traveled through into another dimension,
> ending up on Mystara.

  Again this is how they interet it. They may just say they came from
another diemension to fool every one else. The original founding fathers
knew the truth that they were from the same solar system, but wanted
to put all their past behind and control the future, thus they changed
where they came from. Now all Alphatians think that they originally
came from another Dimension.

  A second option for this is that they came from another sphere through
a gate. (Or again as the truth be known by the founding fathers - they
came here by spelljamming ships through the standard means)

  A third option is that the alphatians were from another crystal sphere
and when they destroyed their world it created a giant magical gate in
which the whole world was sucked through to the mystara sphere. The world
was crushed in passing through the gate and thus the alphatians left for the
next closest world. Now being that they only had air ships to fly to the
new world it took a very long time, because they did not have the
spelljammer technology. Only recently have the arcane begun to sell their
wares in mystara space.

> 3) The D'Ambrevilles and McGregors fled from persucation on an alternate
> Earth, into another dimension.

  This again can easily be solved by another crystal sphere. They jumped
through a magical gate.

> Immortals vs. Gods
>     One of the major differences between Mystara and AD&D settings are the
> Immortals.  Athough similar in power levels, Immortals are not gods.  With
> a few exceptions, they are individuals who rose to Immortality because of
> their deeds and determination.

  Well this gets alittle tricky. You could just say that immortals are
gods (why not). You say that a person can rise to become an immortal.
Well look at the Forgotten Realms setting where Mystera(sp) became
a god by her deeds? And Cyric became an god. Could not behind the
scenes another god was secretly sponsering them?

Just Some thoughts on a monday morning...

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