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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@????.com>
Date:     Mon, 16 Oct 95 7:48:25 EDT
Subject:  Re: Mystara and PS/SPJ
Leroy Van Camp replied:

>     What makes another crystal sphere so special that it has to be a
> whole other crystal sphere?   And when did I ever say "copy".
>     I think part of the problem here is you think I created this whole
> dimension thing so that PC's could go galavanting around in other
> dimensions.  This was not my goal.  It is simply background.
>     You seem to have taken the whole concept farther than I, then turned
> around and criticized it all as if I said it.  I made no claim about what
> the other dimensions are like, and I certainly never claimed they were
> somehow mirrors, twisted or otherwise.

	This is where we fundamentally differ in our styles, it seems.  You
have created a very neat idea, but left it as a very basic 2D matte painting.
I prefer to have 3D active holograms for my backgrounds.  I subscribe to the
following style of gaming:  "The DM must have at his fingertips every detail
that the players will never know."

>     Excuse?  Rabbits?  Perhaps I should go back and read my posts.  I
> think something subliminal has been slipping in. =)
	Those random comments were attempts to speed along the intelligent
conversation.  Instead of just stating that I was opposed to your idea with no
reasons, I listed some possible examples that illustrated my points.  These
ideas will allow you to follow my reasoning better and be able to come back
with concrete information to prove me wrong.  It makes for a much better
discussion than us just ranting back and forth for about 6 messages before
finally getting around to defining our terms and realizing that we aren't that
far apart after all.

>     "My goal is to come up with a way of keeping the full flavor and feel
> of the world of Mystara, as I perceive it, while fully integrating it
> into the Spelljammer and Planescape model of reality."
	Ah yes, "fully integrating".  Having multiple multiverses is really
fully integrating, yep.  Using the multiples you have fully integrated SPJ and
PS into Mystara, not the other way around.  Remember, if you want to put
something INTO something else, you must (by definintion) not change the
something else.

	Ken Lipka

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Month Index: October, 1995

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