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From:     Sunny Koh <d9530021@???.???.au>
Date:     Sat, 14 Oct 1995 23:28:16 +1000 (EST)
Subject:  Re: SPELLJAMMER digest 264
> 	Zero work, eh?  What about how many other dimensions there are?  Does
> Odin live on the same Outer Plane in each dimension?  Does Odin even exist on
> the other dimensional Outer Planes?  If there are multiple Odins, why?  A god
> should be able to cross dimensional barriers very easily.  And as such, that
> means that all gods are actually avatars for the true version of themselves
> and that there is a base dimension where the gods REALLY live.
> 	I knew exactly what sort of image you wanted to present, and it is
> entirely too messy.
> >     What this concept does is...
> >
> > 1)  It allows the history and concepts of the other-dimensional elements
> > of Mystara to be retained without _any_ changes.  By not having to
> > shoehorn these elements into the multiverse, much work is eliminated.
> >
> 	Making dimension equal crystal sphere does exactly the same thing.
> The elements IN THE MYSTARA SETTING are not changed at all - beings from other
> dimensions are still beings from other dimenstions (to the Mystarans).  But
> from a god's eye point of view, they are only people from another crystal
> sphere and are not bothering to correct the misconceptions of those native to
> the Mystaran crystal sphere.
> 	Thus, events are not shoehorned in the multiverse because they already
> exist in the multiverse.  In fact, trying to make all these pocket dimensions
> you end up with more work than one simple redefinition.
> > 2)  It does the above without making a single change to the multiverse
> > itself.
> >
> 	BZZZT!!!  Wrong answer.  Certainly, the multiverse of PS is unaffected.
> But the problem is that the PS multiverse is the same as The Multiverse.  Your
> solution makes a pretty major change to The Multiverse.  With essentially
> infinite numbers of sets of planes of infinite size, your metaphysics are even
> messier than cold fusion.
> 	What your solution has done is to make multiple copies of an already
> infinite multiverse.  As I said, this is an interesting idea.  What you have
> to do make this idea work, is a lot of work on these other dimensions.  What
> makes these other dimensions so special that they have to whole other
> dimensions?  Why can't they be other crystal spheres and realms on the Outer
> Planes as they already are documented?
> 	Does another dimension reverse the alignments of all existing people,
> such that Iuz is a Lawful Good demi-god trying to free Greyhawk from the
> centuries of tyrannical mortal rulers; and Ivid is a benevolent ruler who's
> gone criminally insane from dealing with LG demons?  If you actually want this
> to exist, fine.  But if you hate the idea of such alternate worlds then your
> excuse for dimensions just got trashed.  Because if your excuse for dimensions
> is just that, say, rabbits are the dominant life form rather than humans, just
> create a crystal sphere where this is so.
> 	Nope, dimensions are too much work for the simple taks of saying, "I
> want characters from Mystara to be able to interact with characters from
> Sigil in a coherent fashion".

	Having see both points of the argument, I think I may have an
idea which would solve it. If anything you disagree with me, I'm sorry
was I don't owned or read any of the planescape books at all. My ideas is
based on SJ and systems (solar).

	Instead of having dimensions, we could use the system of
"systems", a "system" is a, well, a system of crystal spheres of which
there are flows connected from one another, put in Mystara, it is in the
edge of a "system" and on the weakest edge which means the others systems
beings have been able to break into Mystara. This middle class of
defination could also add ravenloft into SJ by defining ravenloft as a
"system" and not a sphere which is not possible due to its structure.

Sunny Koh (d9530021@??????.???.???.au)
Student, Faculty of Business, Information Technology
University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia

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