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From:     "Marco Camacho E." <macamach@???????.???.??.cr>
Date:     Fri, 13 Oct 1995 16:51:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject:  Re: Mystara and PS/SPJ
Hi gang,
  I've been a little busy lately looking over material for the netbook, and
I haven't a clue why planes came up in SJ, but anyway...

} >     OK?  Now, imagine that the multiverse, like demi-planes, is contained
} > within a larger, macro-plane.  This does not change the multiverse, it
} > just makes it a part of a larger whole.
} >     Now, imagaine that this macro-plane, or dimension, is a part of a
} > "community" of dimensions, like each Outer Plane is part of a bigger
} > whole.  Each of these dimensions has it's own layout and laws.  For
} > example, the dimension that the crashed spaceship is from is layed out
} > like our own, as detailed in the Wrath of the Immortals.

 Why in the multiverse would you want that for, its ok as it is, it has been
for years, if it was wrong or inappropriate TSR would have changed it by now
releasing a whole new book to make another buck.

} 	Zero work, eh?  What about how many other dimensions there are?  Does
} Odin live on the same Outer Plane in each dimension?  Does Odin even exist on
} the other dimensional Outer Planes?  If there are multiple Odins, why?  A god
} should be able to cross dimensional barriers very easily.  And as such, that
} means that all gods are actually avatars for the true version of themselves
} and that there is a base dimension where the gods REALLY live.
} 	I knew exactly what sort of image you wanted to present, and it is
} entirely too messy.

 Thats totally right, you can't just do the job half way leaving only one
"community" of planes.
 The planes are something huge, they form the multiverse, within them reside
creatures, gods and places, and the way I see it, the whole SJ universe is
held within the prime material plane, and although it may seem silly to
mention it, many people do get confused, space is not the astral plane. No
matter how far you travel in the flow you will never leave the prime
material plane this way, I think it was the first edition DMG of PHB which
had the diagram of the planes in the most convenient of ways, the prime
material plane is round, and henceif you were to surf the flow, no matter
how far you go you won't reach the plane's border.  Hence I really don't
understand what this whole idea is got to do with SJ.
 In what concerns a dimension, consider the word a synonym to plane, it will
make your life much more simple.

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