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From:     "Joseph DuBois \(x44303\)" <gemjmd@??????.?????.com>
Date:     Thu, 12 Oct 1995 16:22:30 -0400
Subject:  Re: Mystara Space (Long)

Since some one asked for this, and I am looking for more comments on the
following I am posting it again.

This material is a cross over from the spelljammer mailing list,
but since it is details about the Mystara Solar system(Sphere)
I thought others here may want to add their two cents since
they are more experts on mystara then others. I am also posting
this to the spelljammer list.

Please if any of you have any info you want to add about additional
planets please post or send them to me.

I have also added some new material

General Layout of the Sphere/Solar System
Mystara (with two moons) Largest of Planets(next to sun)
Small unnamed planet
Alphaita Belt(Asteroid belt - remains of Alphaita home world?)

Details on worlds-------------------------------------------

Sphere: Mystaraspace
Orbital radius: 1st orbit from sun
Type: Earth

(Side Notes)
A group of water wizards that left the Alphaita home world before it
was destroyed made their way to Mystara. Here they settled
in a peacful state in the gulf of Hule. Both groups now live in vast
cities, castles that are deep underwater. Hidden from their evil
brethren Fire and Earth Wizards. Mystara Water Wizards: If you are
playing in the Wrath of the Immortals setting After the sinking of
Alphaita, then you can have the water wizards move into the now sunken
cities of the Air Wizards.

Alphaita Belt -or- Cluster:
Sphere: Mystaraspace
Orbital radius: 3rd orbit from sun
Type: Earth/Asteroid Belt
Mean Diameter: ?
Length of Day: ?
Length of Year: ?
Atmosphere: None
Resources: Minerals, Plane shifting minerals
Satellites: Many
Inhabitants: Unknown

This belt is the remains from the home world of the Alphaitians. Which
was destroyed by their magics long ago. (In gazzetter time (2000+ years
previous) AC 1001). Their world was destroyed leaving only origianlly a
cluster of large rocks  and debris.  But after several thousand years
the orbital track of  the world created what is today known as the
Alphaita Belt. The larger rock bodies contain slim air atmospheres, but
little if no vegitation. If one looks hard enough through the belt they
will come across the lairs of powerful wizards. These are wizards that
survived the catalysm and have since rebuilt strong holds amoung the
debris. These are always one of two type of wizards. Either a Fire
wizard or a Air Wizard.

Using added notes below:
Certain large bodies of the belt disappear from time to time and
then reappear. Sages have contributed this to the original makup
of the planet which was rumored to be able to shift between two
different planes of existance.

[Side notes - has to be fit in]
  Alphatia was a world apart, a special place infused with an unbalance
  of Thought and Energy influence.  Their plane was similar to
  Mystara/Mystarra's but the 'void' itself was breathable and had very
  strong solar currents.  [qv. M1- Into the Maelstrom]

  To be able fit this in, maybe we could say that the world existed
  on two planes at once. Sort of like that Deepspace 9 episode where
  the planet phased in and out every so many years. When the
  Alphaitians finally destroyed their world it was left on the our
  current plane. This would give the asteroid belts minerals that would
  help in gate spells and plane shifting spells?

Watash (Previously know as Landash):
Sphere: Mystaraspace
Orbital radius: 4th orbit from sun
Type: Earth/Water
Mean Diameter: ?
Length of Day: ?
Length of Year: ?
Atmosphere: Standard
Resources: Water
Satellites: None
Inhabitants: Most known races(Alphaitia Water Wizards)

This was once a earth based world, but when the water wizards of
Alphaita knew that the fire wizards and the air wizards were going to
destroy their world the escaped. Two groups left. The first group
(larger of the two) went to Landash. It was previously a low population
world with little or no knowledge of magic. Mostly a technical
civilization though no where near the tech state as City of the gods.
They had large castles and fortresses and such. When the water wizards
arrived on the planet they were able to quickly take over using their
magics. They then began raising the oceans(Yea I saw water world and I
loved it!). Soon all but the highest mountain ranges  were under water.
Since then it has become to be known as watash.

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