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From:     Orion <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Tue, 26 Sep 1995 18:52:52 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Oops....

    Looks like my last post went over the character limit.  Here's the rest.

	Due to it's history as a country that has been conquered several
times, the people of Ylaruam are very suspicious of strangers.  Any
spelljamming ship that pulls into a Ylari harbor will be visited by an
official, accompanied by several soldiers (Order of the Pike) and a wizard
(Order of the Spell).  The captain of the ship will be politely informed
that they are not welcome in Ylaruam.  If they insist on staying, they
will not be forced away.  The official simply informs them of two rules.
First, they are not allowed to reveal that they come from space, but
should rather indicate some terrestrial, though distant, origin if asked.
The official warns that they may be followed to insure this.  Second, no
"monster" races are allowed off the ship.  Only races normally native to
Mystara, and civilized.  Breaking these rules may lead to arrest and
possible confiscation of their ship.
	Docking costs 5 to 20 gold, depending on ship size and the mood of
the official.  Berthing is 2 gp per day.  It is virtually impossible to
find someone willing to work on a spelljammer.  Foreigners are generally
regarded with polite suspicion.  If told about space and spelljamming,
they will disbelieve, becoming even more suspicious.
	There is one exception to this unwelcoming treatment.  Ships
crewed by mostly people of the other known Arabic-type societies, such as
Zhakhara of Toril, and Ekbir and Zeif of Oerth, are greeted with suprising
friendliness.  Several years ago the Sultan of Ylaruam learned of
spelljamming, and later, of the other Arabic cultures.  It fascinated him
that similar societies could spring up on such distant worlds.  When ships
from such cultures arrive, it's captain and crew are often invited to the
Sultan's Palace for dinner, where they are encouraged to tell stories of
their home.  Their docking fees are waived and they are offered rooms in
some of the nicer inns, at the Sultans expense.
	Unfortunately, few ships are manned by Arabic crews.  Recently,
however, the Sultan has been in contact with Gallarin, an arcane.  He is
planning to purchase several ships, probably Squids and Wasps, and send
them on an expedition to Toril and Oerth.  Gallarin has provided a large
number of books and maps detailing space.  Because of the expense, and the
need to train the crew, it will be several years until the expedition

The Northern Reaches
	There has been little interaction between the kingdoms of Ostland,
Vestland, and Soderfjord and spacefarers.  They are a mostly self
sufficient people, and need little from merchants.  Much of their society
is a bit archaic, proud of their older ways.  None of their ports offer
services to spelljamming ships.
	Those who have landed here, though, have reported that most are
open and fairly friendly, inviting visitors in as guests in their homes.
Reports have been that guests who abuse their hospitality are ejected, or
even attacked.  They can be a vengeful people.
	Because they rarely venture far from their home, they would only
be curious of a spelljamming ship that pulled into their harbors from
the seas.  They would assume it was a ship from a distant country, such as
	When encountering "monster" races, their first instinct would be
to attack.  If they learn that they are intelligent and civilized, they
may be curious.  There was one report of a Northman who invited a minotaur
into his home as a guest when he learned he was an intelligent, even
honorable, creature.
	How the North will react to further incursions from space will
have to be seen.  As of yet, almost none of the populous has any clue.

The Empire of Thyatis
	The current policy of Thyatis is plain and simple: no spelljamming
ships may land anywhere in it's borders.  This is actually quite
surprising, considering it is usually in Thyatis's nature to empbrace new
cultures.  The reason, though, is as simple as the policy.  Alphatia,
Thyatis's nemesis, has a large fleet of airships, used for both mercantile
and militairy endeavors.  Thyatis has always had a rule of no airships in
it's borders.  The Emperor sees spelljammers as unusual appearing
airships.  Ambassadors from Alphatia, along with well meaning space
organizations, have tried to tell the Emperor the truth, but he does not
believe their "nonsense".
	Any attempts to land will be seen as an attack, and Thyatis will
retaliate to it's fullest ability, using the Retebius Air Fleet, which is
troops mounted on flying creatures, including dragons!

	Currently, the Elven Imperial Fleet is in negotiation with
Alfheim.  They wish to use it as a base of operations, much like Evermeet
on Toril.  They wish to recruit a number of Alfheim elves into the Fleet
and create an alliance.  Alfheim is seriously considering it.  Although
they find the Fleet elves slightly overbearing, they get along well.
Their only stipulation is that the base will come to be run by officers
native to Alfheim within 20 years.  The Fleet has no problem with this.
The final details are expected to be ironed out in the coming years.  Both
sides foresee a lasting alliance.
	Only the high-ups in each of the clans knows of the Fleet elves.
Many of the younger ones have joined the Fleet, hoping to get a foot hold
into the future base.  Most of the Fleet elves come to ground in flitters
or by magic.  This is done away from population centers.
	Alfheim does not allow non-elven ships to land.  Of course, with
it's thick forests, this is rather hard to do anyway.

Heldann Freeholds
	The first contact between the Freeholds and spacefarers was not a
promising one.  The spelljammer, a squidship owned by a merchant
companyed, attempted to land in Heldann.  It was soon set upon by several
Heldannic Warbirds, who destroyed it with their Blight Belchers.  The only
survivor was a wizard that possessed an amulet of the planes.  When he
returned word of what happened, the merchant house swore revenge.
 	The Heldannic Knights believe that spelljamming ships are little more
that Alphatian airships, and will refuse to let any land.  This means
little to most spacefarers, most have little interest anyway.

	As with Alfheim, the Elven Imperial Fleet has contacted the
leadership of Wendar; they would like to set up a minor base within it's
borders.  Negotiations are going much slower; the elves of Wendar have had
little contact with any other elves and are a bit suspicious of their
spacefaring cousins.  The Fleet elves, on the other hand, see the
Wendarian elves as a bit rustic and backwards.
	The king of Wendar has asked for the Fleet not to reveal itself to
to general populace.  Because of this, most Wendarians have never heard of

The Hollow World
	As outlined on page 127 of the DM's Sourcebook, in the Hollow
World boxed set, the anti-magic zone at each of the polar openings
disables spelljamming helms.  Fortunately, this was determined before any
ship attempted to enter.  This is now general knowledge.
	Because the Worldshield prevents magical teleportation, there has
been no known exploration of the Hollow World by spacefarers.  Recently a
group of psionicists have discussed using psionic means to cross into the
world and explore.  It is unknown of they have proceeded.

	Because of it's special situation in spelljamming on Mystara,
Alphatia has it's own section.

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