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From:     "Joseph DuBois \(x44303\)" <gemjmd@??????.?????.com>
Date:     Tue, 26 Sep 1995 10:44:55 -0400
Subject:  Re: Sphere layout of Mystara Space
Well met Listers,

This was mentioned in both mailing lists, So I am posting it to both,
I think we need input from both groups to properly design the sphere.



I will gladly keep info that is posted about it since I am on both
mailing lists.

Mystara Space
Mystara space is a standard sphere for the most part. It has a large
fire body at center with most of the other bodies orbiting around
the fire body.

Known Planets

SUN: The sun is a fire based world. at the center of

Mystara: Mystara is a earth based hollow world. It has two moons. One of
which is cloaked by an invisible shield and is home to the race of
rakasha(sp). The planet has two large holes at both its current north
and south poles. These holes allow access into the hollow sphere. But
the jammer beware as there is a anti magic shield that extends from
the surface (I don't think it covers the entire whole) that will
send a spelljammer ship towards its doom in the planets gravity.
The planet is not as advanced (Port Ratings of C - [see next rhyme])
as they mostly use crude flying ships built and propeled by flying
magics or a powerful Magic gem(Heldnan FreeHolds). The gnomes have
several flying ships. Their largest is the flying Balistta. Which is
a large platform built from ancient technology(two jet engines). The
gnomes have been able to get the jets working and have always kept
adding more and more structure to the platform. From the ballista
they have many small fighter planes (usually powered by magic - not
helms) that protect the platform. The other main type of flying
ship is the gnomes air ballons. These are mainly used by the gnomes
in the hollow world.

Mystara-Moon 1:(Name - )

Mystara-Moon 2:(Name - ) Invisible shield surrounds the planet due to
the makeup of the planets core. It is home to the Rakasha(sp). With
flying manticore used as mounts for patrols.

Alphaita Belt -or- Cluster: This belt is the remains from the
home world of the Alphaitians. Which was destroyed by their magics
long ago. (In gazzetter time (2000+ years previous) AC 1001). Their
world was destroyed leaving only origianlly a cluster of large rocks
and debris.  But after several thousand years the orbital track of
the world created what is today known as the Alphaita Belt.
The larger rock bodies contain slim air atmospheres, but little if
no vegitation. If one looks hard enough through the belt they will
come across the lairs of powerful wizards. These are wizards that
survived the catalysm and have since rebuilt strong holds amoung the
debris. These are always one of two type of wizards. Either a Fire
wizard or a Air Wizard.

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