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From:     Orion <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Tue, 26 Sep 1995 05:26:52 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Psi in Space

On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Ken Lipka wrote:

> > Psionics in the Spelljammer Universe
> > Clairsentience
> >
> > Know Direction
> >     This power is of little use in wild space or the Flow.
> >
> 	Why?  Is it just because the power description says it always gives it
> information in terms of "north/south/etc."?  This would be a more limited
> version of Know Course.  I view it that Know Course well let the Psi know
> his source, destination, the path between them, and the path he is currently
> on.  This power will let the Psi know the heading of his vessel.  It will
> tell him nothing of the other.  But it is still useful because of the chance
> of running into a storm of some kind in space and the ship getting tossed
> around.  A normal navigator would have no hope of knowing if he was bace on
> course or not until the ship had travelled a fair distance.  But with this
> power, it allows instant checks on ship's heading.

    This power is _very_ specific.  All it does is allow the Psionicist
to know which way is north, nothing else.  There is nothing wrong with
the DM adding more funtionability to it, but that is a DM call.

> > Spirit Lore
> >     This does not work in the phlogiston.
> >
> 	Again, why?  I don't recall the description of the power, so I have no
> clue as to your logic.  Just from an initial statement, I would say that it
> has to work in the Flow because we have plenty of evidence of spirits existing
> in the Flow.

    Despite the similarity of it's name, Spirit Lore does not seem to
relate to Sense Spirit, which detects Ghosts, Wraiths, etc.  The
implication of the description is that these "spirits" are the spirits
found in the Dark Sun world, which are land and nature spirits.  Not
surprisng, since it is from a Dark Sun supplement.
    Thusly, I altered it in my own campaigns (I don't play Dark Sun),
making spirits the spirits of the dead, which cannot normally be reached
in the Flow, unless it is the spirit of someone who died in the flow.
    This, I feel, is a very ambiguous power, one open to DM interpetation.

> > Control Wind
> >     This power can be used against a ship's air envelope.  Each round the
> > psionicist can blow one man-days worth of air out of the envelope.  This
> > rises to two and a half days if the user rolls his power score.
> >
> 	Only if this power allows you to create wind from still air.  The name
> implies that it only works on existing air currents - and as we all know, a
> ship's envelope doesn't have any wind.

    The description says this, too.  The above commentary is based on my
opinion that there is going to be some sort of air movement on a ship
most of the time, whether it's due to moving people, readjusting the
sails, or whatever.  Definintely a DM call.

> > Inertial Barrier
> >     This power does not work against heavy weapons targetted at a ship's
> > hull.  It does work if targetted at personnel.
> >
> 	It depends.  Remember, this power works in a three yard RADIUS around
> the user.  This implies a sphere.  Thus, if the Psi was either in the gravity
> plane or levitating near the hull that happened to be targetted by the weapon
> it would work because it would have to pass through this area of effect.  (Of
> course, this means that the Psi could get hit instead.)  As for "targeted at
> personnel", I assume you mean that the weapon at people in the area of effect.
> (The power is always centered on the Psi.)

    I agree that if the Psyker could get himself in between the missile
and the ship, it would work.  But I have problems believing that this
would be an easy feat.

> > Soften
> >     This power is useless on ships.
> >
> 	Why?

    Becasue the book specificly says that this power can only effect a
single object of 10 pounds or less.

> Sure, you can't affect an entire vessel with this power, but you
> can affect parts.  As a sabotage method, you could D. Door over the vessel
> (but somewhere hidden) so as to be in range, and then Soften the base of the
> mast of the ship.  Then you have your weapon specialist (you do have one,
> right?) target said mast.  The mast, even if it doesn't suffer the damage that
> would normally cause it to break, could still break as it is weaker at a
> critical joint.

    If the mast weighed ten pounds or less, this might work.

> 	Or, you can use it in boarding actions.  Captain locked himself in the
> vault?  Gee, let's just soften that lock.

    True, but this isn't a function of whether or not lock is in space.

> > Psychometabolism
> >
> > Cellular Adjustment
> >     This power can be used to repair even ships.  For every 10 hit points
> > healed, 1 hul point is repaired.
> >
> 	I would say no, unless you are talking an elven vessel.  Doesn't the
> power specifically state that it only works on living beings?  If so, the only
> living ships (normally) are all of the elven vessels.

    As I stated in a previous post, the word "even" is a typo, and should
have been "elven".

> > Mind Over Body
> >     The psionicist cannot overcome his need for air!
> >
> 	No, but it could allow the Psi to simulate the NWP of Shallow Breathing
> (or whatever it is called).

    That would be a DM call.  The power says specificly that it only
overcomes the need for food, water and sleep.  I don't see reducing his
need for air as a major stretch, though.

> 	Those have been my views on this subject.  I'd be interested in
> hearing from someone who actually has the books available to them to support
> or nuke my/his opinions.

    Well, I have the books in front of me now, as well as when I wrote
it.  As for nuking your opinions, that's hard to do, since there is a lot
of room here for DM calls on what a power can do.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
 "What do I know what do I know? (I), never look back never look back (no).
   Stick it in me stick it in me (I), what do I see what do I see? (now)"
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