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From:     Orion <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Mon, 25 Sep 1995 18:48:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: The Elemental Gods

    While thinking about some of the problems priests have in the SJ
setting, a solution hit me: the introduction of Elemental priests.
    This would solve the problem with gaining spells in foreign spheres:
If the sphere has a large quantity of the element that the priest's god
represents, the cleric can gain spells.  Plus, it would put less
restrictions on PC's, since the ethos of the Elemental church's are less
likely to be tight and restrictive.
    For those who have an interest i such things, I would recommend the
Dark Sun supplement Earth, Air, Fire, Water.  Despite the fact that it
written for DS, there is a lot of non-world specific info in it.  It
details the elemental priests, there powers, and spells.  It also has a
bunch of new spells, adding to the priest's repetoire.

    Below is an excerpt from a guide I wrote to the gods common is Arcane

The Elemental Gods
    For centuries, intelligent creatures across the universe have prayed
to the powers of the elemental planes, and for centuries they have been
ignored.  The elemental gods where known to be cold and indifferent to the
plight of those on the Prime Material Plane.
    This all seemed to have changed several decades past; there emerged
groups of people who claimed the elemental powers had answered their
calls, and had made them their priests.  Initially these people were
viewed with suspicion.  But as the years progressed and the priests
demonstrated their clerical powers, their ranks began to swell.
    Although no single elemental power outnumbers Ptah or Celestian in
number of faithful or priests, this is slowly changing.  Many whose job
claims no godly patron are joining the elemental church that matches their
outlook, as are numerous adventurers.
    It is predicted that elemental worship will rise to the status of
being a primary faith within four to eight decades, where it will then
plateu, becoming equal to the faiths of Celetian and Ptah.
    Priests of the elemental powers can regain their spells in any crystal
sphere that contains a significant quantity of that element.  For earth,
this is any planet of size C or larger, or a large asteroid belt or field.
For water, this is equaivalnt to at least an ocean the size of the
Atlantic.  For fire, there must be a quantity of fire equal to a size C
planet.  And for air, any size C air plant, or a size D planet with an
atmosphere will work.
    The powers of earth, air, fire and water are Grumbar, Akadia, Kossuth,
and Istishia, respectively.

Priests of the Elemental Gods

    Priests of the Elemental Gods use the rules as outlined in Earth, Air,
Fire, and Water.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
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