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From:     Orion <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Mon, 25 Sep 1995 18:23:18 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Ship Construction Rules

    Am I the only one who got a good chuckle out of the rules for
creating ships in the WCC?  Below are my rule alterations, with
commentary on why I changed things in brackets.
    Using these rules, I have gone back and attempted to recreate the
standard ships, something that was rather hard to do with the WCC rules.
My success rate was excellent, although not perfect.  Hopefully, that
means these rules work.

Altered Ship Construction Rules for Spelljammer

Ship Tonnage and Maneuverability
    A ship's MC is determined by it's size and and it's design;  weight
and materials are not a factor in maneuverability.  Chart 1 indicates a
ship's base MC, based on tonnage.  These MC's are for ships that are not
designed specifically to be maneuverable.  Such ships include the Dwarven
Citadel, the Cuttle Command, the Flying Pyramid Ship and the Grav Ship.
Also, almost every ship based on a groundly ocean going vessel is in this
    Most ships, though, are built to take full advantage of the less
restrictive nature of space, such as the Hammerhead, the Squid, and the
Wasp.  These use the next highest MC.
    Finally, most gnomish ships have poor maneuverability.  Unless
sufficient steps are taken, as judged by the DM, gnome ships use the next
lowest MC.

[They make the point several times in the SJ set that tonnage is a
function of space, not weight.  The implications are that, in the
weightless of space, a ship's mass means very little.
    Yet, in the WCC rules, they base MC on what they ships is constructed
from, with heavier materials granting a lower MC.
    I think basing MC on the tonnage of a ships is the simple and logical
way to go.]

Armour Rating
    In addition to a ships armour rating being based on it's building
materials, it is also modified by it's MC.  The more maneuverable a ship
is, the harder it is to hit.  See Chart 3 and Chart 4.

[I feel the more maneuverable a ship is, the harder it is going to be to
hit it, and the WCC does not reflect this.  I found that the charts below
reflect the AR of current ships well.]

Manueverability and Rigging
    A ship can have four levels of rigging.  No Rigging means the ship
utilizes no rigging and sails.  This reduces the MC by two levels, but it
also means no crew other than the pilot are needed to run the ship.  No
rigging costs nothing.  Minimal Rigging utilizes less sails and rigging,
so it only requires half the normal crew.  This reduces the MC by one
level and costs 50 gp per ton of the ship.  Standard Rigging is the norm
for most ships.  It costs 100 gp per ton of the ship.  Crew and MC are
normal.  Finally, there is Topped Out Rigging. This costs 200 gp per ton
of the ship and increases MC by one level, but it also increases crew
requirements by half.
    Note that a ship can upgrade from a lower level to a higher one by
paying the difference.

Ship Improvement Modifications

    This does not affect MC.  The only draw back is it's huge cost.

[As I said earlier, weight shouldn't effect MC, and I don' think plating
a ship adds enough tonnage to be a factor.]

Topping Out
    This is covered above, under Maneuverability and Rigging.

    Stripping a ship does nothing.

[This would affect the _weight_ of the ship, not tonnage, so does nothing.]

    It is possible to improve a ship by enclosing it's deck.  Partial
enclosure grants a +1 on AR.  Full enclosure grants a +2.

Chart1 1		Chart 2				Chart 3
Tonnage		MC	Material		AR	MC	AR
1-8		B	Wood, Thin / Bone	8	A	+3
9-20		C	Wood, Thick		7	B	+2
21-40		D	Ceramic			6	C	+1
41-60		E	Metal			5	D or less		-
61-100		F	Stone (Thick)		4
101+		F*

* A spaceworthy design will not modify MC for ships of more than 100 tons.

Leroy Van Camp III            |		  "Another slave and a victim of fate,
                              |     	         another lesson in hate."
van891@??????.edu             |		                 Ministry

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