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From:     Orion <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Mon, 25 Sep 1995 17:47:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Spelljamming and Groundlings

    After years of playing and reading Spelljammer, I have come to a
conclusion: the idea that Spelljamming has no effect on groundling
society is bull.  Here a few points...

1) Mercantilism
    I did a few calculations a while back on the travel rates of carts and
caravans, compared to a SJ ship.  I don't have the figures anymore, but
the results were, roughly, that a SJ ship would only take two days to
reach, and return from, a site that would take a caravan thirty days.
    With even the minute availability of ships to groundlings, I believe
Spelljamming would easily change the workings of the world.  And I think
the Arcane, the businessmen that they are, would be more than happy to
increase their market share.

2)  War
    In the War Captain's Companion is outlines a company in Palanthus, on
Krynn, that builds and outfits SJ ships.  When I first read this, I
couldn't help but laugh.
    I believe that if the forces of good had had access to SJ ships, the
War of the Lance might have turned out very different.  Remember the
Floating Citadels?  I don't think these would have been nearly as
impressive if the allies had had a couple of hammerships.
    Another war that probably turned out different is the war on Oerth.
But I know less about this.

    These are just a couple examples.
    Of course, not every DM wants to worry about all this.  In the
future, here is what I will porbably do...

1)  On standard worlds, such as Toril, I will construct an explanation on
why the Arcane have a severe limit on what SJ technology that gets sold
to groundlings.

2)  The war hasn't happened on my Oerth, so it's not really a factor.

3)  I say that when the Gods dropped the fiery mountain on Istar, and
withdrew from the world, they erected a barrier of force around the
Krynn, preventing all physical and magical crossings.  No ship can land,
and no one can teleport.  The only way in or out is through extraplanar
    Perhaps, when the Gods have fully returned to the world, they will
drop the shield.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
 "What do I know what do I know? (I), never look back never look back (no).
   Stick it in me stick it in me (I), what do I see what do I see? (now)"
                      (A Higher Form of) Killing

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