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Month Index: September, 1995

From:     Carsten Arnold Taube <taubec@???.????-???-??????.de>
Date:     Wed, 20 Sep 1995 16:04:47 +0100 (GMT+0100)
Subject:  Re: Crystal Sphere Idea
Hi everybody.
Okay, as there's little happening on this list at the moment I think
I'm going to offer an Idea that occured to me and see if you have any
supportive Ideas...
Or whether you're just a bunch of lazy computer potatoes ....
Kidding, just wanted to see whether you're still there ;)
Right here we go:

Project: DarklingSphere (just because of TSR's paranoia of Demons...)

Central Star: Fire type, spherical, size like our sun but deeper shade of red
(gloomy) called Mat'ka (Mother)
Planets: One, earth, sphere, earth size, inhabited (of course
otherwise this coul be quite a booring place ;) ) circeling
counterclockwise in ring 5. Called Prak'khat (Father) And it's got a dark
 red moon, earth type, spherical.Called Roch'omt (Brother)

Not that special yet is it ? Well here comes the interesting part:
The inside of the Crystal Sphere is inhabited, like a Dyson Sphere,
but it's inhabited by Darklings (read Demons) and this is actually
the Netherworld... Yup, they're on the Prime Material...
I don't know the Planescape setting real good but I guess there might
arise slight problems... well let's just say they had lost contact
with home but are still doing their job...

Now what's the point of it all, you may ask, her it is..
To gain influence over the souls of all those mortals they set out
to help them live their lives... no, not as some sort of Djinn...
they turned into traders, and they have special stuff to offer :
You ever wanted a full plate armor that you can keep on even while
sleeping..and that disappears at will? Well, just sign that little piece of
paper... yes, you  have to do it in blood, well you see it's an old tradition...
What, you can't read? Oh never mind it's just juristical babble...
Well that this person will look like the Guyver in battle and that he
will have immense personality problems later on ( I killed HOW MANY
people??? ) aaah, never mind.
Yes, the Darklings are selling bioware or Cyberware if you prefere,
but this stuff is alive... You can buy a combat claw for instance or
gills whatever you want... but of course you pay with a part of your
soul for it...

Did I mention that the Planet is at war all the times ?
Well of course, why do you think there's still a war going on in
Bosnia whereelse could you sell as many weapons...
You get their rationing...
And you may already guess that the clerics of good and especially
paladins have a very hard stand in this sphere... they are in fact
practically nonexistent and the Gods of good are very weak as is

Okay, still with me?
Tell me what would you include?
Get going bodys!

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Month Index: September, 1995

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