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From:     Michael Sandy <mehawk@????.org>
Date:     Mon, 18 Sep 1995 13:05:22 -0700
Subject:  Re: Another test
I presume that
New Plants (Strom Wood) refers to _Storm Wood_ which I described a while

Ecology of, and harvest techniques relating to Storm Wood:
Storm Wood only grows naturally on mountains where very high winds are common.
Normally only a small quantity of usable, (ie, straight, knot-free wood)
can be harvested.  Seeking to expand the production of this mystical wood,
certain Nature Priests began experimenting with using Plant Growth spells
on them.

Unfortunately, most often this simply resulted in diluting the magical
properties of the wood. However, by luck the ritual was done during a very
high storm and the Storm Wood turned out to be quite potent.

Raw, unenchanted Storm Wood has a strong affinity for wind magics and when
used for almost any task involving wind, (arrows, ships' rigging, blowguns etc)
will be anywhere from 10 to 50% more effective.  Arrows with a good Storm
Wood shaft have their effective ranges increased, ships have a better chance
of getting favorable winds, etc...

But the greatest use of Storm Wood is in how susceptible it is to wind
related enchantments.  A spell like Feather Fall or Flight will affect
up to ten times as much mass of Storm Wood as normal.

In a region where Storm Wood is regularly harvested, it can be obtained
relatively cheaply, 10 - 50 gp per pound, depending on quality.  Thin
shoots of it, as might be made into arrows, are more common, and therefore
cheaper, than thick wood which can be made into planks or masts.  The
local craftsmen know the various rituals for maintaining the magic of
Storm Wood and properly working it, some of which they keep secret from

Cost of Storm Wood is related to the difficulty of carrying out lumbering
in up to 100 mph winds, and having to wait for such winds or magicly
generate them.

When checking the Enchant an Item requirement for highest quality materials,
items made of Storm Wood can easily bear up to +3 enchantment.

Another plant item:
The leaves of the Orc-lev plant are so tough and fibrous that they can
substitute for leather.  The leaves are covered with tiny burrs that
normally trap insects which try to eat it, but can be used as a fastener.
Quick fitting leather armor can be made by simply scraping the burrs off
except at select points and then wrapping them over a cotton shirt.

The burrs line up in such a way that they can only be pulled apart by
pulling 'along the grain' of the burrs, and so they can be used for
a variety of fastening devices.

Michael sandy

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