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Month Index: August, 1995

From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@??.??????.com>
Date:     Fri, 11 Aug 1995 15:43:18 -0700
Subject:  Re: Listserv status check
Hi gang.  This is strictly a technical posting for those people who have
been experiencing technical difficulty.

The listserve has been misbehaving lately, as you may know.  I think I've
worked out the current set of bugs, but if any of you are receiving strange
things, keep reading.

Strange things and how to deal with them:

* Rejected postings with the "you are not subscribed message"
Rejected postings indicate that you tried to send a message with a return
address different from the one you are subecribed from.  This is actually a
common problem on distributed systems.  If you subscribed to the list from
computer A, then as far as the list is concerned, you live at computer A.
If later that week, you try to send a message from computer B - which is on
the same local network as computer A - the list may kick it back.  You must
post messages from the same machine you subscribed from (unless you have a
mail program that will let you change your return address).  Leicester
simply won't accept the message if it comes from an address different from
the one in the subscriber list.  To find out how you are subscribed, send
the command "review spelljammer" to listserv@??.??.uk.

* Duplicate postings
Perhaps as a result of above, you have more than one variation of your email
address in the subscriber list.  Typically this requires intervention of the
moderator (me) to fix.  If your name turns up twice in the list, let me know
which one you want to keep and I'll purge the other.

* Errors for the set options.
The set command (when it works) is different for this list protocol than for
the more standard one.  To set your mail option, for example, you must
include the mail parameter, like so:
  set spelljammer mail [option]
as opposed to
  set spelljammer [option]

Those are the big three.  If you're encountering something else, drop me a
line and I'll get my people on it ASAP.  :)

I'm outta here.

Richard J. Pugh, MLS        |RJPugh@??.??????.com
Admin: spelljammer@??.??.uk |

Previous Message: Re: what kind of ship should I buy
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Month Index: August, 1995

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