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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@??.??????.com>
Date:     Sun, 11 Jun 1995 11:30:19 -0700
Subject:  Re: Fantasy Realms RPG / Fantasy Realms Journal (APA)
Hi folks.

This was sent to the listserv, but since the author isn't subscribed, it was
bounced back to me.  I'm forwarding it for those who might be interested,
since we have from time to time looked for an intependent medium to
distribute "Shyship" materials.




   Fantasy Realms RPG is a base mechanic and a series of World bases
utilizing that mechanic, designed by Joseph Teller with input, editing and
playtesting by Kiralee McCauley, Cynthia Shettle, Scott Gray and Sharon
Tripp. The World of T'Phon (1st Gameworld & Rules) will be available to the
public on September 1st for purchase, via mail order.  Advance orders are
being accepted now (and are greatly appreciated).  It is being released both
on paper and computer disk formats.

   Fantasy Realms Journal is a proposed bi-monthly Amateur Press Association
publication (primarily electronic) composed of individual zines of articles
and commentary, formatted and collated by the editors. The first issue
deadline is planned as September 15th, 1995 (and mailed shortly afterwards).

   The primary focus of the Journal is on material utilizing the Fantasy
Realms RPG Mechanics and Worldbases, and its use in roleplaying games from
player's, Gamemaster's and designer's viewpoints. Thru the sharing and
expanding of ideas, background, fiction and application of these rules and
worldbases it is hoped to produce a richer overall gaming environment for
all involved.

   Secondary focus is on roleplaying in general, including small-press,
self-published and freely available systems outside the normal commercial
markets for roleplaying. Also subjects of history, science and fantasy
speculation that can be applied to roleplaying hobbyists.

   SUBSCRIPTIONS : There is no fixed subscription period. Subscribers should
mail a check or money order in US funds payable to Joseph Teller to
establish an account. As each issue is mailed the cost of the issue and will
be deducted from the account. When the account gets low the amount left will
be noted on the mailing envelope. At that point the subscriber may send more
money to continue receiving issues, put their account on hold until some
future time, or request to have the balance returned if the remaining funds
in the account total more than $1. Any subscriber who's account is on hold,
who fails to use the account or request the return of the balance after a
year is presumed to no longer be interested and to have donated the
remaining funds to the project in general.

   The usual cost per issue is $5.00. This may change if the number of
subscribers exceed expectations or if issues exceed the expected single disk
size. More subscribers would conceivably lower the rate, more disks would
increase it.

   POSTAGE : Is included in the prices, as is the cost of the floppy disk.
Disks are mailed US first class.

   FANTASY REALMS RPG : The Fantasy Realms RPG, World of T'Phon Rule Book
disk is $12. You are NOT allowed to make copies of the Fantasy Realms RPG
disk(s) as a subscriber except for personal backups. The Rules disk will
include the DART Hypertext tool for PC/MS-DOS subscribers. You are allowed
to make paper printouts of the RPG for yourself and the members of your
roleplaying group.

   A Printed version of the rules, but not the Journal, is available at the
introductory price of $16 (Includes postage etc). This is primarily a B&W
document, and will be desktop published. We will 3-hole punch these
printouts and place them in a simple presentation folder. Thus you can use
them as-is or place them in a full sized binder with later material.

   Both the Printed & Disk version of the RPG combined as a set can also be
ordered for a discounted $21. This is for those who want the versitility of
hypertext AND the portability of a printed copy.

   OVERSEAS SUBSCRIBERS : Anyone outside the United States, please try to
make checks out payable in US Funds. If you cannot please be sure to look at
the current exchange rates. We will not accept subscriptions from Mexico,
because of the instability of that currency. We cannot accept subscriptions
from any country where the content of our publication may be considered
illegal, immoral or in violation of import rules. All Overseas subscriptions
will cost an additional $3 each time you send in a check because of the
costs that are inflicted on us by the banks etc.

   STAFF : The Fantasy Realms Journal is a privately owned APA publication.
Current Staff is Joseph Teller, Publisher & Editor; Kiralee McCauley,
Assistant Editor; Cynthia Shettle, Assistant Editor.

   WRITING FOR FRJ : Anyone who is a subscriber is welcome to write for FRJ.
FRJ is an amateur publication. Anyone writing an article or zine for the
Journal and submitting such on floppy disk will receive the issue their work
appears in for free. There is no limit on the number of writers or
subscribers at present, nor any 'waiting lists' to be involved. If we have
more material for an issue than will fit on a disk then we reserve the right
to move material to the next issue, increase publishing frequency or publish
an extra issue.

  FORMAT : Zines are preferably contributed in electronic format on a
computer high density floppy Disk, in ASCII. They will be formated to work
with the DART Hypertext system for easy access by PC/DOS users (but
perfectly readable by people not using DART. Artwork may be submitted along
with your zine in BMP, PCX, JPEG, TIFF or GIF format if it is pertinent and
necessary (Remember that Graphics take up a LOT of disk space).

  Electronic submission of zine originals in ASCII should be sent instead of
a printed original. MS-DOS readable or MAC readable disks are permitted.

  CONTENT : Contributors are free to write as they wish, with minimal
editorial oversight. Please do not include any material that could lead to
legal difficulties, and keep in mind that it is probable that FRJ will be
distributed over state lines and possibly overseas. Please seperate
commentary sections from article sections distinctly within your zine.
Please avoid personal verbal attacks. This is meant to be a friendly sharing
of ideas and viewpoints, not a battlefield. When discussing game material,
except in the case of product reviews, please use the Fantasy Realms RPG
mechanic. Fantasy Realms is the official rule system that the publication is
geared towards, which is why it is included with your subscription.

  COPYRIGHT : All zines should be copyrighted by the author. Copyright may
be asserted through the following phrase on the first page of the zine :
Copyright (Your Name) (Date).

  Copyrighted and trademarked material is often discussed in FRJ. Discussion
of such material is not intended as a challenge to any copyright or trademark.

  Fantasy Realms RPG, World of T'Phon, T'Phon, Mystic Earth, are all
trademarks of Joseph Teller and are used throughout the Journal with his
permission. All articles and derivative works produced within the Fantasy
Realms Journal are done so with explicit permission. Permission to utilize
these trademarks within original works for publication elsewhere is granted
to Zine authors, so long as the Fantasy Realms RPG and Joseph Teller are
properly cited within those works.

  Permission is granted to all contributing zine authors of the Fantasy
Realms Journal to comment on, review, satirize or excerpt from the Fantasy
Realms RPG mechanics and/or world base books within their zines.  They may
also make paper copies of the zines for their own personal reference and
that of their roleplaying group, but cannot distribute or make available
disk copies (or electronic copies) of the Journal to others.

  Zine authors by contributing to the Fantasy Realms Journal do not give up
their ownership of their writings. The Fantasy Realms Journal and Joseph
Teller are, by accepting your zine, being given explicit and complete
permission by you to reproduce your material in part or in whole within the
Journal, within promotional works for the Journal, within archival
collections or anthologies of the Journal, or future editions of the Fantasy
Realms RPG world books; these may be in printed or electronic form. Authors,
of course, will be properly credited in all derivitive works. You may grant,
sell or lease your permission to any and all other publications, companies
or individuals regarding your own works but cannot repeal your permission to
the Journal or Joseph Teller once your zine has seen distribution.

  Zine authors are also giving permission to the other zine authors (current
or future) within the Journal to comment, review, satirize, excerpt or make
personal use of all writings published in the Journal within their own zines
or other derivitive works based on the Fantasy Realms Mechanics and world
bases. Personal usage includes making paper copies of the zine for their own
reference and that of their roleplaying group.

  ANTHOLOGIES : It is planned that if the APA is successful periodic
anthologies of collected articles from the Journal will be gathered and made
available at a reasonable cost the same way we do the Fantasy Realms RPG
rule/world Books. These will be edited and excerpted, without time-sensitive
material, reviews or commentary being included. Any author who's works are
chosen for inclusion in an Anthology will receive a free copy of the
anthology for the cost of mailing it to them.

  COMMUNICATIONS : We maintain an internet email presence, currently
teller@?????????.??.com and a not-for-profit computer BBS at 1-617-899-9483.
Mailing address for the Journal is : Fantasy Realms Journal, c/o Joseph
Teller, 8A Middle Street Court, Waltham MA 02154.  We ask that all authors
provide mailing addresses, and if possible internet email or FIDONet netmail
accessible addresses.


                         8A Middle Street Court
                         Waltham MA 02154

  Enclosed please find   $_______.00 in personal check for :

           _____ FANTASY REALMS RPG : Paper Edition ($16 US/$19 Overseas)

           _____ FANTASY REALMS RPG : Disk Version ($12 US/$15 Overseas)
                 [Choose one of the following Formats]

                 ____ MSDOS/PC Readable Disk (Includes DART Hypertext)

                 ____ MAC Readable Disk

           _____ BOTH a Disk version and a Paper Edition as a combined
                 set. Select format above for disk. ($21 US/$24


                 ___Issues of the Journal on Disk $5 (Total $______)

                 ___+$3 Overseas Subscription Fee.

                 [Choose One of the Following Formats]

                 ____ MSDOS/PC Readable Disk

                 ____ MAC Readable Disk


          YOUR NAME: _____________________________________________
          ADDRESS:   _____________________________________________

          OPTIONAL INTERNET ADDRESS: _____________________________

          OPTIONAL FIDONET ADDRESS : _____________________________


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