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Month Index: June, 1995

From:     Gary Dickey <Phineas@?????.net>
Date:     Mon, 5 Jun 1995 20:17:08 -1000
Subject:  Re: [none]
>Well, somehow I don't think that gnomes would be able to adapt quickly enough
>in the Dark Sun campaign. Psionics isn't as prolific in other spheres as it
>is in Krynn, and its unlikely that gnomes would be able to assemble a psionic
>series helm when they became stuck in Athas (after all, they wouldn't know
>and would come charging in with either a magical based helm, or one of their
>hampster powered vesels)

You are correct.  Unknowing adventurers would have to be on an exploration
mission to get to Athas.  If their helms were magical powered, they would be
come stuck and have to find their way back out.  If it was already a series
helm (such as the Illithids employ) then they would notice no change.
Gnomish hampster powered ships would also be acceptable as would any
non-magical ship.
>Also, the Athasian setting is unique in that it does NOT have the other
>races. Thats something that differentiates it from all other campaign worlds.
>Don't you think it might loose some of its essence if dwarves and gnomes and
>the rest populated it?

Dwarves already populate it and (I know I'll get some disagreement with
this) gnomes are not much different than dwarves.  You could be correct in
that gnomes would not be able to adapt quickly enough and if so then like
everyone else on Athas who didn't adapt, they wouldn't survive.  But what I
was really trying to say is that through the use of Spelljamming we could
introduce other races for short terms.  Afterwords they could either get
eaten by a big hairy monster or find a way out of the Crystal Sphere
>Also about a water world - that sort of contradicts the environment of Athas.

You are again correct.  That is what I'm trying to do.  Other worlds that
share the same crystal sphere don't have to have anything to do with the
other.  I envisioned a world that is just as harsh as Athas only water
based.  Think of a world where your ship crashes because the crystal sphere
is magic-dead.  Hopefully your ship can float and you can recover and try to
find a way to get your ship back into space.  Like Athas, you still have to
contend with the acquisition of fresh water and food.  It would be perfect
for pirate settings as well.

I appreciate your opinions and as I said, this is not criticism or defense
because we all know that DMs can do what they want.  I just wanted everyone
to fully understand what I had in mind.

Admiral Phineas (I got promoted!), Athasian Spelljammer from the Outer Planes.

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Month Index: June, 1995

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