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From:     Ken Lipka <klipka@??????.???.????.com>
Date:     Mon, 5 Jun 95 8:48:21 EDT
Subject:  Re: Athas and Spelljamming
[Captain Phineas' suggestions for an "AthasSpace" removed]

	Spelljamming could feasibly be put anywhere, but I don't think that
it is appropriate for Dark Sun (even with psi-helms only).

	The first instance of a SJ craft would be snagged by one of the sorcerer
kings and used to form an army to go and wipe out the other kings.  Succeeding
or not, a few other kings would also get the tech.  Thus, you would have an
even uglier state of war on the world.  If one side did win, it would then
use it subjugate the masses rather than explore/exploit strange new worlds.
Only after one king has ultimate power over the whole of Athas would he go off
to explore new worlds.
	Now, in amongst all of this, you have the PCs.  They could get hold of
one of these war machines and flee for the stars (if they had any reason to
think that they could even get to them).  More likely they'd just go over the
mountains to the halfling lands.  But even if they did go starfaring, they
wouldn't last too long if AthasSpace is as harsh as the rest of Athas.  This is
because to make the space as harsh as the planet, it would have to be lacking
in one significant resource - not water, but air.
	Basically, if you're lucky, you'll find another planet just at the edge
of the four month travel time.  (And you're really lucky if it actually has
usable air.)  More likely you'll find a good air source just as your foul air
is about to turn deadly.  Also, the temperature of the space should have the
extremes of the desert planet itself - boiling hot and freezing cold.

	In general, I think that adding SJ to the mix of Athas would spoil some
of the unique flavor of the game - same with SJ and Ravenloft, btw.

	Ken Lipka

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