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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     5 Jun 1995 10:43:12 +1000
Subject:  Re: Dark-Sun Spelljamming?
On Sunday, June 4 1995, Phineas@?????.net (Gary Dickey) wrote

>Aloha ya'll,
>        I have been working on something that I wanted to get ya'll's
>opinion on.  Do you think Spelljamming would be a good idea for Athas?  I
>have been trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it.  I think it
>would be feasible that some races of Athas didn't want to wait around for
>the Sorcerer-Kings to wipe them out so they took to the stars.  (I know, it
>sounds like Battlestar Galactica..."Fleeing the Sorcerer-Kings' tyranny, the
>last Spelljammer: Galactica, leads a rag-tag fugitive fleet to find a
>shining planet known as Oerth." or something like that).

Just because it might sound like #002#Battlestar Galactica doesn't mean it is
bad. It actually sounds like a very good idea making it like Battlestar.

> I am also thinking of making Athas-space as harsh as Athas is.  How about a
  > magma world, an iceworld, and a water world?  Any others we should
include (or > delete)?

Maybe what you could add is a silt-world. Any planet in the sphere must be at
extreme conditions that would make anything evolving on them incredibly

> I have also decided to make all of Athas-space "magic dead."  The only way
> travel would be to use a series or pool helm that uses psionics to power
> ship.

You would have to say that the wildspace in the sphere is 'magic dead', but
magic still exisits on the planets in the sphere. Otherwise, the preservers
and defilers would not exist abd this is a major thing in Dark Sun.

> This would also be a good way for us to incorporate some of the "lost
> races" back into Athas.  For example, Gnomes.  I think that these little
> guys are a lot of fun and should be brought back to Athas to try to
> "modernize" Athas with the rest of the Crystal Spheres.  What does anyone
> else think?

The main problem with modernizing Athas is that the Dragon and the
sorceror-kings might object. I can just imagine an army of Solamic Knights
from Krynn and the forces of Shadowdale from Toril being totally annihalated
by the combined might of Raam and Urik's armys and sorceror-kings.

Spelljamming vessels could visit Athas (carrying large cargo holds of steel
items), but they could not modernize it. Anyway, any clever PC's would not
WANT to modernize it. They could start up a small trading company that bought
steel from the Known Spheres, and shipped it to Athas to gain huge amounts of
pure profit.

Wicket of Endor, Ewok Spelljamming Fighter

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Month Index: June, 1995

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