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From:     Turlina Lomon <JLALLAS@??.??????.com>
Date:     Thu, 1 Jun 95 13:03:34 PDT
Subject:  Re: Greetings to all!


(In character -- sort of)  I have all the spells in 1st and 2nd players + tome
of magic plus every known spelljammer spell.  I have a scattering of ones from
other books.  However, most importantly, I have a listing of my own.
(Example: Turlina Lomon's Magic Dagger, Turlina Lomon's Prismatic

I am willing to trade spell level for spell level for any I do not have.
(Once again, in character).  Regarding items, I don't know what I want until I
have seen it.  I am especially curious about grimoires written by archmages
and used in spell research, but any interesting item would be considered.  I
have plenty to trade.  (Read: lots of standard stuff)  Temporary level
enhancers would also be desired.  (Ion stones?) FYI...I am a master thief as
well as a wizard of my own right.

Turlina Lomon
Guildmaster, TLC

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Let me know what you are looking for and we can haggle

Phineas, a blood from Athas
>To all my fellow adventurers,
>Although I have been spelljamming for years, I have decided not to make
>contact with your group.  That has now changed.  I am now visiting,
>and, as always, searching for new spells and unique items to trade <READ: In
>character transactions>.  My guild has grown immense, and I am always in the
>lookout for  exploring new areas to search a possible second headquarters
><READ: PBEMs...>. Please send a message if you are interested in doing
>Turlina Lomon
>Guildmaster, TLC
Gary Don Dickey


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