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From:     Michael Bauser <MBAUSER@??????.????.edu>
Date:     Mon, 24 Apr 95 13:53:10 EDT
Subject:  Re: That darn Radiant Golem
Note: Reply cc'd to both lists, because I am on both lists, after all.

On Wed, 12 Apr 1995 22:21:48 -0700 Kelly St.Clair said:

(First, Kelly quotes my post to gworld:)
>>The "Radiant Golem" in the Spelljammer Monstrous Compendium is composed
>>of *plutonium*.  (The game designer who wrote that entry told me so at a

Then Kelly said:
>Glk.  Assuming that this is true, and plutonium is still plutonium in a
>  Spelljammer setting... you DO realize that a man-sized figure of Pu is
>  not only way over critical mass, but extremely toxic to anyone nearby
>  who happens to breathe?  (Look it up sometime:  plutonium is a chemical
>  poison, and tends to give off airborne particles.)
>Yet another reason, IMHO, that Spelljammer and real-world science (physics,
>  chemistry, etc) should be kept as far apart as possible.

That's funny--wasn't I one of the people who used to complain about
overly-complicated gravity rules and random Star Trek races appearing
in Spelljammer?  I've appear to have been hoisted on my own petard.  Sigh.

Oh well--here's some rambling along the lines of "the laws of physics don't
count in AD&D" threads I usually despise so much.  (Not that the laws of
physics count for much in the Gamma World, either.)

I never thought about the critical mass issue (and probably should have),
but maybe it's not a "pure plutonium golem".  That would be inconsistant
with the other golems, though.  Maybe (as Kelly implied) it's really made
of "almost-plutonium" the way Spelljammer's "smoke powder" isn't *really*
gun powder.

(Good God.  Maybe somebody perfected "Prevent Fission" while we weren't
looking.  A whole new reason to be afraid of anti-magic zones.)

Maybe radioactive minerals don't have a critical mass in the AD&D universe?
Then the Radiant Golem would only be explosive if you moved him to a more
"realistic" world.  That would certainly add an unforseen danger to AD&D/GW
cross-overs, wouldn't it?  One could run a "race against time" scenario with
PCs trying to get the Golem back to an AD&D universe before it's magic
"fades" and it goes BOOM.  Heck, maybe all the plutonium used in the Radiant
Golem came from another plane to begin with.  (Yes, I know the Golem entry
says something else.  I'm reaching here.)

Just some thoughts.  I'm unlikely to ever run a Spelljammer/Gamma World
crossover, myself, although the image of Radioactivists worshipping the
Radiant Golem as a heathen god is almost too funny to resist.

Aw, hell--I use different .sig files for each list.  Now I have to make
a crossover .signature. See what you people do to me?

    Michael Bauser <mbauser@??????.????.edu or mbauser@??????.bitnet>
"At sunrise, a great fire will be seen, noise and light extending towards
the North.  Within the globe, death and cries are heard, death awaiting
them through weapons, fire, and famine."  --Nostradamus, Quatrain II.91

"Provide me with ships or proper sails for the celestial atmosphere and
there will be men there, too, who do not fear the appalling distance"
                                                       --Johannes Kepler

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