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From:     CabeZeree@???.com
Date:     Fri, 21 Apr 1995 16:37:10 -0400
Subject:  Re: Races galore
   Since we have been talking about other races I figue I'd get back to the
down to earth races, so to speak, like the Neogi and the Ilithids.
     I know this concept may be old news to some, but I figure I'd throw it
out to the new faces on the list, like me.
     Since we're playing in spelljammer I assume we all know what a neogi
looks like, a spider crossed with a moray eel. I think we know what their
temperment is like also.
Now lets get to the statistics, according to the PHB rules:

Ability              Range     Adjustment
Strength             3/17          -2
Dexterity            13/18          +2
Constitution        3/18          -1
Intelligence         9/18         +1
Wisdom             3/18
Charisma           3/15

If the stats. not to your liking I'm open to suggestions.
Languages:  Neogi, Umber hulk, common
Infravision:  Nil
Special Advantages:
     Poison Bite: Save vs. poison or be affected as by a slow spell for 1d8
     Natural AC: 4 (The definite 15 DEX automatically makes it the listed AC
Special Disadvantages:
     Xenofobic (This accounts for the low CHA, as well if they meet a new
race -2 to reaction rolls.)
     Racial hatred (most races attack neogi on sight, leave penalities up to
the DM.)
Life Expectancy:  50 years  (40 + 2d10) (base age 5 + 1d4)
Natural Alignment:  Lawful Evil
Additional Experience Cost:  +5% to gain a new level

  Base Height:   34/33 in. +  1d4
  Base Weight:  Good question, anyone have any suggestions?

Preferred Weapons
See below

Class Restrictions & Level Limits:
     Cleric:        10
     Druid:          --
     Fighter:       15
       Paladin:     --
       Ranger:     --
     Mage:          18
      Specialist:   10
     Thief:           --
      Bard:          --

     As I see it in the Compendium entries the neogi do not have arms, it
does say they have claws on the tip of its limbs, but whats the size of them
and can they manipulate tools? Thats the question I ask you.

     I'm working on the Ilithids, but I have a feeling that may take a tad
bit longer.

Cabe Zeree

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Month Index: April, 1995

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