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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@??.??????.com>
Date:     Sat, 15 Apr 1995 09:02:39 -0700
Subject:  Re: Tabaxi characters
Regarding the cats from outer space...

>The only suggestion that I have is that they get a penalty to wisdom, to
>account for that "curiousity killed the cat" thing.  Also, I've always
>pictured them to be stronger than humans, but I think it's just my biases
>talking... (:

Perhaps I could remove the strength penalty, and apply it to wisdom?  I was
thinking that tabaxi are less muscular than humans, so while then are the
same size - physically - they aren't as strong in proportion.  But then
again, real world cats are quite strong for their size, so perhaps the
tabaxi have more punch-per-pound than humans.  In other words, remove the
strength penalty.

As for a wisdom penalty, that could work.  What to the rest of you think?

>I'm currently working on tabaxi under GURPS rules, but mine
>are much less civilized, kind of like the ones on the homeworld.

A primal tabaxi, like those on the homeworld, might make for an interesting
barbarian or primative shamman.  Rogues are less common on a primitive
society, but one might still play the role of a scout.

>Would it be OK for me to put them on my web page?

Go ahead.  Incidently, they will be appearing in a larger work that I'm
putting together.  Do any of you remember my Spelljammer adaptation of Deep
Space Nine?  The Traladine Outpost?  Expect a sourcebook for that place to
surface at some point in the future.

I won't get any more specific than that.  :)

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