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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     30 Mar 1995 09:58:29 +1000
Subject:  Re: Klingons as PC race
On Wednesday, 29 March, Shane Vassar wrote

>	I have a basic idea of the race from the file I found.  There are
> some things he had I didn't agree with.  One of them was Klingons being
> Paladins.  (Perish the thought! :-) )  Here's my idea:

Probably the only reason he included Paladins was because of the honour code.
If you look at the Star Trek : The Next Generation security chief, Lt Worf,
you can see an example of a Paladin-like Klingon. He adheres to a strict
honour code, as do all Klingons, and displays a stong attitude towards good.

>	Requirements:  Strength 13
>		       Constitution 12
>		       Dexterity 12

These seem to be quite accurate for Klingons. One thing I don't know about,
is that they have a lot of painful rituals, and would need a lot of willpower
to survive some of them. Maybe a Wisdom of 9 might be appropriate, however it
is only a guess.

> Klingons can be Fighters, Theives, and I believe
>	even Rangers can be allowed, since Klingons are avid hunters
>	and have keen natural instincts.

On Klingon ships in Star Trek, the acceptable way of promotion is
assassination. On most ships, one of the duties of the first officer is to
assassinate the captain if neccessary.

>	Level Limits:
>	Fighter:	12
>	Ranger:		 9
>	Thief:   10

The level limits are quite good.

>	He had an idea in the posting that Klingons could specialize
>	as many times as they wanted since their homeworld was
>	full of training opportunities.  I agree, however I am
>	open to counter-arguments.

Maybe, for Klingons only, the ranger class might be able to specialize using
their weapon pro's.

>	Ability Adjustments:
>	Strength: +1
>	Constitution:	+1
>	Charisma:	-2
>	I justified these since Klingons are Large creatures, hence the
>	+1 to Strength.  They are constantly training and practicing,
>	hence their +1 to Constitution.  However, most beingsx
>	would consider the "ugly", so their Charisma drops by two.

The only problem with this is that Klingons are reputed to have incredible
strength. Maybe they could get Strength +2 and Charisma - 3.

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