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From:     vassar_sc@??????.????.edu
Date:     Wed, 29 Mar 1995 07:54:04 EST
Subject:  Re: Klingons...would they work as a PC race?
	I was just looking through my old files and found a message someone
had sent to ADND-L.  They were detailing Klingons as a PC race.  I felt
that they wouldn't work in the standard settings, but SpellJammer sounds
like the perfect home for them.  I going to try to start work on a complete
Klingon society for my campaign.  If anyone on this list would like some
of my ideas as I work on it, tell me and I'll post them to the list.

	I have a basic idea of the race from the file I found.  There are
some things he had I didn't agree with.  One of them was Klingons being
Paladins.  (Perish the thought! :-) )  Here's my idea:

	Racial Class: Demihuman
	Requirements:  Strength 13
		       Constitution 12
		       Dexterity 12

	All "real world" traits apply.  They look like their Star Trek
	counterparts, and have the same social structure.  I'll
	work on detailing their honor code, but that shouldn't take
	too long.  Klingons can be Fighters, Theives, and I believe
	even Rangers can be allowed, since Klingons are avid hunters
	and have keen natural instincts.

	Level Limits:
	Fighter:	12
	Ranger:		 9

	He had an idea in the posting that Klingons could specialize
	as many times as they wanted since their homeworld was
	full of training opportunities.  I agree, however I am
	open to counter-arguments.

	Ability Adjustments:

	Strength: +1
	Constitution:	+1
	Charisma:	-2

	I justified these since Klingons are Large creatures, hence the
	+1 to Strength.  They are constantly training and practicing,
	hence their +1 to Constitution.  However, most beingsx
	would consider the "ugly", so their Charisma drops by two.

	This is an on the fly posting.  I have changed the original
	posting to reflect how I feel they should be.  Any ideas
	would be welcome.

	Captain:  Helmsman, activate Heat Shields.

	Helmsman: Aye, sir.  Heat Shields at maximum.  Item operating
		  within normal parameters.

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~    Shane C. Vassar                 West Virginia Wesleyan College           ~
~    Computer Science Major          Address:  vassar_sc@??????.????.edu      ~
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