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From:     CabeZeree@???.com
Date:     Thu, 23 Mar 1995 20:07:53 -0500
Subject:  Re: Survey
     Here is a spell I made some time back that is very usefull for wiping
enemy crewmen of the deck of attacking ships if you have a mage of high
enough level to cast it.


Level: 8th
Range: 100 yards + 10 yards/level
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting Time: 8
Area of Affect: 20 feet + 5 feet/level
Saving Thow: 1/2

    The victim or target of this spell spell immediately implodes, save vs.
death or be disintegrated, and then explodes with great concussive force,
save vs. spell for 1/2, causing 2d6 per level of the caster.
    Anyone within 20 feet of the target takes 1d6 per level of the caster (to
a max. of 15d6), save vs. spell to take 1/2 damage.
    Anyone from 20 feet away from the target out to the total area of effect
takes 1d6 every 2 levels of the caster, save vs. spell for 1/2.
    Also anyone in any area of the spells affect must save vs. paralyzation
or be carried away by the force of the wave out to the edge of the spells
affect. a.k.a. An 18th level wizard casts the spell anyone who fail their
save travels 110 feet or whatever they have remaining untill the edge of the
area. Anyone caught in the wave takes 1d6 per ten feet thrown back, just as
if they were falling the same distance. Anyone hitting a wall on their way
back must save vs. paralyzation, once again, or fall unconcious. Even if the
save is successful they still take another 5d6 damage.
    The material component for this spell is a diamond of at least 1,000gp
value which has gathered the suns rays equil to the casters level, and to
loadstones (small). The diamond must be crused by the loadstones on the
spells casting.

- Researched by the sun mages in the Astromundi Cluster.


Here is a survey I am conductiong that I would thank anyone who does fill it
out and return the rusults to me.
   These questions are all put to your character and his/her opinion you play
in a spelljammer or any other campaign.
   And if you would like the final answers posted please e-mail me also I
should post them 4/10/95.


1) Sex: Male/Female
2) Preference: Splint Mail/Banded Mail?
3) Preference: Broadsword/Longsword?
4) Preference: Bastard sword/2-h sword?
5) Preference: Halbard/Bardiche?
6) Preference: Dagger/Dirk?
7) Preference: Dart/Quarterstaff?
8) Preference: Mace/Awl pike?
9) Weapon Preference: Bludgening/Slashing?
10) Weapon Preference: Slashing/Piercing?
11) Campaign Style Preference: Europe/Japan?
12) Government Preference: Monarcy/Republic?
13) Religious Preference: Monotheism/Polytheism?
14) Your favorite: Armor/Weapon material:
      A. Adamantitite
      B. Mithril
      C. Gold
      D. Steel
15) Is the world flat/round?
16) Should women have equal rights?
17) Can women wear chainmail?
18) How many times have you died?
19) How many times have you been raised or
resurrected? (If 19 less than 18 than your dead!)
20) Did you like the survey?

   I did not write this survey I am only conducting it so dan't blame me
about some of the questions!
  I would apreciate return answers from this because the results will be
published, possibly, in our school newspaper.

Cabe Zeree

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