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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Thu, 23 Mar 1995 12:02:02 -0500
Subject:  Re: Clavruc, Net.Ships.Book, Gravity

> Try replacing the Continual Light spell with
> a chamber charged with magic missiles.  When fired,
> the crystal collects the energy from the spell, amplifies it,
> and focuses the energy into a beam.  The spell is cast as
> if it was coming from a 10th level wizard, same damage
> but with a +4 to it.  Now, THIS should be along the lines
> of what I was thinking?  Comments?  Low-burn please.

Why not just use a Wand of Magic Missiles?  It can be used by anyone,
and requires a roll to hit when used by non-wizards.


>Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Net Ships Book?

Sure - you ask me for it.  I have a database of all official SJ ships,
plus ones from the net.  All I do is export it to a text file.  The
thing changes so much as new ships are added that I haven't posted it


I have some comments and corrections on what you've said here, Eugene.

>Let's start with the placement of the gravity plane.  Gravity planes form
>around any object with at least one axis of around twenty feet (6 - 7
>yards).  This gravity plane seems to fall in the direction "which is most

It tends to fall along the object's longest axis (Concordance, page 13,
column 2, paragraph 1).

>To solve this problem, certain magics were developed to keep the gravity
>plane bound to a specific surface.  These magics also adjust the plane
>to give it a more "Earth normal" feel.

Not to be snotty, but I think you might want to check out my two articles
on gravity that I posted a few months ago.  They are now at my ftp site
(, pub/sk/skreyn/veggie/sj) and will be included in the
NJGTTG.  I detail Gravity: Flat or Spherical in one file, and Gravity:
Large and Small in the other.  I go over why/how gravity shifts from
planar to spherical, how it ranges about "Earth-normal," and some
spells to adjust gravity for odd situations or ships (such as the
Scorpion, which has a curved gravity plane).  If you want to set up
the rules the way you want for your GURPS conversion, feel free, of
course, but if you're tampering with SJ's rules, or coming up with
odd theories which conflict with mine (grin), I'll have to sic my
troop of vampire lich-giff bounty hunters on you....  :)

>Objects left floating along the gravity plane will slowly drift in
>towards the "center" of the plane.  This effect is probably due to
>gravity's nature of becoming spherical around large bodies.

An object floating on the gravity is slowly pushed _outward_ to the
edge of the air envelope (Concordance, page 13, column 3, paragraph 2).
Otherwise, you'd always have tons of space junk clinging to the sides
of ships, and it would be a lot harder to dump your garbage.

- Sean
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Month Index: March, 1995

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