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From:     zz Michael Reilly <zz_michael_reilly@???????.????.???.au>
Date:     23 Mar 1995 10:38:22 +1000
Subject:  Re: Kenders
On Mon, 20 March Phantom sent the following :

> Kender as a major SpellJamming race!?!?!?
> (and I thought tinker gnomes were bad)

What is wrong with Kenders? They are funny, fearless, commpasionate and kind.

The same day, Sean K. Reynolds sent the following :

>     Well, I don'y think there are any official Kender ships, as the little
> guys tend to lose interest in a project that takes as long as building a
> ship.  However, I looked through the Net Ships Book and found a few
> and new ships that might be appropriate for small crews of small people:

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Net Ships Book?

>     Nobody says they're evil ... just bloody annoying.  Every party that I
> have been in that had a kender in it has taken twice as long to get
> done, because the kender is continually handling important party items.
> People tend to get sick of that soon.  Very soon, especially after the
> second or third party kender.  To give you an idea of how bad it was, one
> party I joined didn't want my character Guxx in it just because he _looked_
> like a kender (he was a human, and was then body-switched into a brownie,
> which was then morphed into a kender, just so he wouldn't get so stepped

If a party is upset about the kender HANDLING the parties items, get a mage
to cast a spell on him that won't let him HANDLE from the party. If they have
important items, tell the DM that they constantly look after the important
items like weapons.

>     How about a "Wanderlust/Curiosity" helm - any kender that sits on it
> has the desire to explore _far_ away places.  While sitting there, the
> kender is entertained by a magically-generated ever-changing personal light
> show, guaranted to hold a kender's attantion for 8 hours at a time.  Gives
> the ship an SR or 2; can be linked like a Series helm.

Good idea. I might work on some details and send it here. The personal light
show could be created using a combination of faerie fire and dancing lights.

Also the same day, Thomas wrote :

>   And kleptomania isn't their worst side; it's their AF (Annoyance Factor),
> which is only as low as it is BECAUSE they are trustworthy, caring, loving,
> good-hearted, fearless, and so on and so forth.  They are actually banned
> from certain cities (unless with a trusted escort) in Krynn, you know..

Kender are not BANNED from certain cities, because it would not stop Kenders.
If they banned them from entering, that would make them more determined to
get in, which no one in their right mind would want, because they were not
allowed in. You would have a fight between the Kenders about who could get in
first without an escort.

>   I think, if you read these self-same books, that you will find my
> comment on "wanderlust" also fully justified.  Imagine bounty-hunters
> to track a Kender's trail through seven spheres, only two of them on the
> map!

It would be hilarious. Also imagine bounty-hunter's trying to track, for
example, an Elf's trail through seven spheres who doesn't want to be found,
only two of them on the map! Same difficulty. Just because Kenders have
wanderlust does not mean that they are harder to track then an elf who
doesn't want to be found.

>   Again, I am sorry that I gave you the wrong impression.

It's all right! I don't mind.

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