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From:     Eugene Shumu1insky <static@??.???.????.edu>
Date:     Wed, 22 Mar 1995 17:23:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: I was thinking.....
In our last episode, vassar_sc@??????.????.edu said:
>	Try replacing the Continual Light spell with
>	a chamber charged with magic missiles.  When fired,
>	the crystal collects the energy from the spell, amplifies it,
>	and focuses the energy into a beam.  The spell is cast as
>	if it was coming from a 10th level wizard, same damage
>	but with a +4 to it.  Now, THIS should be along the lines
>	of what I was thinking?  Comments?  Low-burn please.
>	Oh, the weapon can be recharged if a high-enough
>	wizard can be found to cast the spell.

	Hmmm...  Interesting.  There's just one thing which you got slightly
wrong.  I have the original module where the Hummingbird appeared (though I
don't remember the name right now), and the weapon that it had was far from
a "beam".  If I remember correctly, it focused the energy into a "blast".
I believe it did one hull point of damage per magic missle, but it released
the energy all ot once.  The weapon you're suggesting would be closer to
a Star Wars blaster than a Star Trek phaser.
	If you really want to simulate a phaser, try combining a wand of
paralyzation (stun setting) with something along the lines of your original
idea.  Give the "wand" lots of charges, and let it due one of two things:

   -- Paralyze (1 charge/shot, once/round, save or paralyzed)
   -- "Deathbeam" (2-4 charges/shot, 2 (or 3) shots/round, 1d6 damage/charge)

I'd say give the weapon 40 - 100 charges, depending on how much you want these
things to be abused.
	I'm not going to comment on the price, because IMO things like price
are to campaign dependent.  If you want the weapon to be common, keep the
price low.  If not, then keep the price high.

	Now, onto the sensor array.  I think that what you're suggesting could
be easily duplicated by a combination of several well known SJ magic items.
I don't have my stuff with me here at scool, but it looks like what you're
looking for is a long range antenna of triangulation and a planetary locator.
It is called a sensor *array* for a reason.  It's not just one sensor, it's
an array of several different types.  Thinking of it that way may help you
visualize the equipment a bit better.  IMO most of the stuff you need is
already there.

	Hope that helps.  (:

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Month Index: March, 1995

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