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From:     vassar_sc@??????.????.edu
Date:     Tue, 21 Mar 1995 18:13:14 EST
Subject:  Re: I have finished the Sensor Array-Model 100.
	I can see that my laser idea bombed somewhat, but I think
this might work.  I just managed to finish working on it and I feel
it is ready for posting.


	This is only the preliminary work.  I am open to changes.
Any comments on price would be appreciated.  Also, this is one
of my first attempts at spell creation.  It may need work.
If anything is not right, please tell me.

	Ok, here goes:

	First of all I needed to create a spell appropriate to this item.
None of the other spells seemed to fit quite right.  Besides, it needed
to be a powerful spell in order to work right.  Here is the spell:

	Telar's All-Purpose Detection Spell

	Level: 9
	School: Greater Divination
	Range: 100 ft/level of caster
	Components: V,S,M
	Duration: 4 rounds / level of caster
	Casting time: 2 rounds
	Area of Effect: caster
	Saving Throw: None

	When cast this spell will allow the caster to detect any objects
	within the range of the spell.  Walls, people, monsters, items,
	traps, etc., all will be detected.  No saving throw is allowed,
	so no one will be able to escape detection.

	Now, here's the array itself.

	The Model 100 Sensor Array

	This device looks like a small box , aout 1'x1'x1'.  On the front
is a pane of glass which serves as the screen.  An All-Purpose Detection
Spell has been cast on it, with the duration and range amplified.  When
activated, the array will display a map of all objects within 100 miles
of the device.  Different size objects show up as different colored dots.

	1-60 tons	Blue
	60-300 tons	Green
	300+ tons	Purple
	Planets A-E	Yellow
	Planets F-J	Orange
	Crystal spheres	Red	(This functions only in the Phlogiston)

The brighter the dot, the closer the object.

	This device was created by the Arcane for use on their vessels.
However, the Arcane realized that it could be quite a money maker.
So, they decided to make it available for sale.  It takes a lot of time
to create one, however, so they are expensive. The prices is around
300,000-400,000 GP.

	There you have it.  Please, if you notice anything wrong, feel
free to note it.  I hope my flame-resistant force shield is operating
within normal paramters.


~                                                                             ~
~    Shane C. Vassar                 West Virginia Wesleyan College           ~
~    Computer Science Major          Address:  vassar_sc@??????.????.edu      ~
~                                                                             ~

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