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Month Index: March, 1995

From:     vdongen <VDONGEN@??????.??????????.nl>
Date:     Tue, 21 Mar 1995 15:12:13 +0100 (MET)
Subject:  Re: Nilespace map!
Hello Spelljammers,

I have made TIFF files of Nilespace!!! There are two maps on A4-format that
I can send to you as UUencoded files, on request. The maps describe the
upper part of Nilespace, the Egyptian part, as the Nubian part has not yet
been finished. A small overview of the whole crystal sphere is included as
well. Since the maps are partially dutch, I put some translations in this
mail. Some further comments are given below as well...

Hans van Dongen        vdongen@??????.??????????.nl

To understand the meaning of comments on the maps, knowledge of Nilejamming
is a must. Nilejamming is the poor man's Spelljamming. Due to the nature of
Nilespace, it is possible to build ships that do not need a spellcaster at
the helm, but that can be used by merchants and the like. Nileships are
much slower than Spelljammers, and cannot travel the phlogiston; they cannot
even leave the Nile (which only occupies a small part of the sphere). Further
comments on Nilespace have been given in previous mailings; a collection of
these is available on request.

The map of the Nile delta
This map contains a small overview of the whole sphere, and the location of
the two maps in this sphere. Ra is the homeplanet of out campaign. A legenda
is also given. Earth and water worlds are difficult to distinguish, but see
the list of planets I sent to the list a few months ago. Furthermore, a part
of the surface of planet Memphis has been extracted into a seperate picture.
The distance from the top of the map to the shell is twice the distance
between planets Ra and Rakote. At the bottom side, three planets are missing
(due to the scan): Deir El Gabrawi (earth, irregular, A); Zawti (earth, round,
B); Tjeboe (earth, irregular, A). They are, like most planets there, close to
the center of the Nile.

Niet bevaarbaar voor Nijljammers: not reachable by Nilejammers
Overzicht crystal sphere: overview crystal sphere

The map of the upper Nile
This map should be placed below the map of the delta. It contains a bar
indicating the distance of 1 day Spelljamming (or 8 days Nilejamming). It
contains the tract of the fire world Manjet, which travels 40 times
Spelljamming speed and so causes day and night on Ra. Also a part of the
surface of Thebe has been extracted.

Nijl as: Nile axis
Baan Manjet: orbit of Manjet
Dal der koningen: valley of kings
Dal der koninginnen: valley of queens
Sfinxenallee: alley of sphinxes

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