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From:     Skreyn@???.com
Date:     Mon, 20 Mar 1995 12:38:15 -0500
Subject:  Re: Kender & fleets
> As I am creating a Kender fleet, I was wondering if you had any Kender
> I could use, or any cool ships that would be good for Small characters
> gnomes, dwarves, halflings, KENDER ) at your FTP site.

     Well, I don'y think there are any official Kender ships, as the little
guys tend to lose interest in a project that takes as long as building a
ship.  However, I looked through the Net Ships Book and found a few official
and new ships that might be appropriate for small crews of small people:

     Angelship* (kobold)
     Beetle/Stag Beetle (any)
     Blade/Arrow (goblin/kobold)
     Catamaran (human)
     Flitter (elf)
     Hummingbird* (human)
     Mosquito (any)
     Porcupine* (goblin)
     Skiff (Arilou, er, rock hoppers)
     Whelk (non-tinker gnome)
     Wreckboat* (any)
     Yacht (human)

     The ones marked with * have their deckplans in my directory.

> Also, does anyone know if there are any Dragonlance or Krynn mailing lists
> like this one anywhere? If you do, could you please send the details to me.

     I know they exist, but I don't have the address ... anyone, anyone?

>Obviously you have not played a Kender PC or been in a party with a Kender
>PC. The Kender race is very resourceful, trustworthy, friendly and

     Nobody disputes this....

>Just because they are a race of kleptomaniacs doesn't mean
>that there is anything WRONG or EVIL about them.

     Nobody says they're evil ... just bloody annoying.  Every party that I
have been in that had a kender in it has taken twice as long to get anything
done, because the kender is continually handling important party items.
People tend to get sick of that soon.  Very soon, especially after the
second or third party kender.  To give you an idea of how bad it was, one
party I joined didn't want my character Guxx in it just because he _looked_
like a kender (he was a human, and was then body-switched into a brownie,
which was then morphed into a kender, just so he wouldn't get so stepped on).

>If anyone has anything that they may be able to contribute towards a Kender
>Fleet and changing them from a minor spelljamming race to a major one,
>contact me through my e-mail address or this list.

     How about a "Wanderlust/Curiosity" helm - any kender that sits on it
has the desire to explore _far_ away places.  While sitting there, the
kender is entertained by a magically-generated ever-changing personal light
show, guaranted to hold a kender's attantion for 8 hours at a time.  Gives
the ship an SR or 2; can be linked like a Series helm.

     - Sean
Sean K Reynolds      |   "We hug and we kiss, We sit and make lists
a.k.a. Veggie Boy    |   "We drink and I bandage your wrists."
skreyn@??????.com    |   'Everything Old Is New Again'
skreyn@???.com       |   - BareNaked Ladies

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